I’ve said this before: Hollande is the least popular leader of France since Adolph Hitler.


Before our foray into today’s news about the war front, I thought I’d weigh in on France’s decision not to allow Syrian citizens living there to vote in the upcoming presidential elections.  First of all, let me say that I’m not surprised.  The French are like this.  They pretend to be liberal, progressive and tolerant, but, they’re not any of those things.  In truth, they are just the opposite – a mean-spirited bunch of hedonists, professional cuckolds, sadists and vicious racists.  And their hypocrisy is not in what they say (because they always say uplifting things), but, much worse, it’s in what they do.

Case in point: the Arabs of North Africa whom they virtually invited in as though they were a kindred people, having been subject to French obnoxiousness for centuries.  Notwithstanding the fact that French war crimes in Algeria are legion, legendary and well-established, the French having murdered over 1.5 million Arabs and Berbers in their struggle for liberty and independence,  they greeted North African nationals a bras ouverts at the ports of Marseilles and Toulon.  They wanted to show the world how forgiving they really were – how nurturing – after all, they were a superior race – Voltaire, Rousseau, Descartes, De Maupassant, Pierre and Madame Curie, Poincare, Balzac, Reynard de Chatillon, Robespierre, Maurice Papon and Rene Bousquet.  Why, shucks, they even claim Leonardo Da Vinci was a Frenchman and arrogantly pronounce his name “Leonard De Vinqui”.  Right?  

But, when it came time to regale the newly arrived colonials with all that French largesse, Algerians and Moroccans found themselves treated like a mouse dropped on the kitchen floor by the family cat. They couldn’t find work and awakened each day in a ghetto of dilapidated apartments made especially uninhabitable by the genius social demographers at the Bureau des Affaires Inferieures. They were social outcasts – deliberately goaded into crime by a society bent on starving them to death, both physically and culturally.  When they, like Valjean, had to steal in order to eat, the French were quick to call them thieves, gangsters and pests.

The Brits, no strangers to hypocrisy themselves, differ from the French in the way they express it.  I believe, for example, that the English sincerely received old colonials from India and Pakistan with an eye to absorbing them into an English civilization.  That they did not totally succeed was not for want of trying.  And when the “WOGs” started showing signs of an obdurate attachment to the reactionary ways of their homelands, the English adjusted by exploiting liquor service laws (made much more liberal for Indian restaurants than the publicans), finding ways to praise their new visitors through the adoption of Subcontinental cuisine as something inherently British.

British hypocrisy rears its head mostly when it comes to preserving a material interest.  An island with scant natural resources cannot slake the English thirst to achieve.  It’s here where you get the orotund essays on liberty, the nature of governance, God and King, social contracts, state of nature, and the rest of the Hobbesian, Lockian, Millsian fustian and folderol which make English ethical philosophy so suspect.  It’s here where you hear the mellifluous voices of reason as they reassuringly squelch every effort by oppressed people to rid themselves of their malicious foreign tyrant.

But, one would think that the French, who call for the ouster of the sitting president of the Syrian Arab Republic – a member state of the United Nations – would welcome elections as a way to rid themselves of that pesky medical doctor in Damascus without all the brouhaha and revanchism underlying the Gallic passion for vindication.  It appears, however, that it isn’t really democracy that the French are trying to bring to their former colony, Syria.  Hmmm.  Is it possible that all the talk about democracy in the French press is profound hypocrisy?  Je pense que oui.   ZAF           



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