The SAA does not sleep. Our armed forces are sufficiently equipped with men and materiel to fight during all hours with adroitness and efficiency. The terrorists enjoy no such qualities.


Mawrek (Mork): 

Citizens informed the SAA through telephone calls to the Ministry of the Interior reporting a concentration of criminal terrorist hyenas in the town at a large warehouse.  Within minutes, SAA in the barracks south of the provincial capital, were ordered to Mork with instructions given as they traveled.  This would be another classic surround-and-snuff operation.  When the force arrived on the International Highway about 5 kms from the town, they took unpaved routes known to the army in order to maintain the advantage of surprise.  Upon their arrival at ca. 9:00 p.m. (Damascus Time), the terrorists were sleeping with 4 sentries posted at the perimeter.  SAA snipers quickly and quietly moved up buildings and took position in order to command the area, each sniper equipped with night-vision goggles and scopes.  When the order came, they opened fire on the sentries and killed all of them.  The sleeping vultures awakened to a raid whose intent was extermination.  The SAA did exactly that – moving in stealthily with adequate knowledge of where the buzzards were located.



24 vermin were counted.  None survived.  No SAA losses were taken.  Here are 8 of the terrorists who could be identified.  The others remain of unknown nationality:

  • ‘Umar Musulmaani
  • Hassaan ‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Na’asaan (He was so sleepy)
  • Zayd Daagher
  • Baheej Kahhaal
  • Muhammad ‘Abdul-Mu’ti Al-Ghazzaal
  • ‘Alaa` Ibraaheem Al-Hameed Al-‘Alyawi
  • Muhammad Al-Tahsha
  • ‘Abdul-Ra`oof Dallaal



Security Services arrested a leader along with an unknown number of his confederates in a raid that also secured 5 fully automatic military assault rifles and 3 NATO-type sniper rifles.  All will be distributed to the NDF and ANG for use in killing Saudis apes.

More fighting reported in Al-Mushrifa, Kafr Roomaa and Nahla.






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