Terrorist are dying a slow death in Homs.  They just can’t get the population to support them despite their efforts to cut off gas to them, destroy their hospitals and blow up their roads.  Gee whizz!  What can vermin do to be liked?



These terrorists were originally found in Old Homs but were released by agreement with the government:

  • Akram Al-Kurd
  • Muhammad Zayn Bakkoor

The other 2 were not named and are believed to be foreigners.


Kafr Laahaa:  Fighting with no details.  Nothing much to speak of.


Al-Sama’leel:  An attack on a military outpost west of Al-Rastan-Damascus Road led to 9 dead terrorists.  According to Wael, they were all foreign, mostly Iraqis and Jordanians.



These terrorists were killed here and 13 taken prisoner after a Hind helicopter came in and taught them what it feels like to be tossed into a food processor:

  • Sabri Al-Wahsh (What a beast!)
  • Murtadhaa Shaaheen
  • ‘Abbaas Al-Raawandi
  • ‘Abdul-Hayy Al-Hajjooj
  • Shakeeb Al-Mufti

The rest were not identified.


‘Abdul-‘Azeez Mountain:  A truck with weapons and ammunition was stopped after tips from locals about its cargo reached General Security.  The driver was stopped and pretended he didn’t know what he was carrying.  It turned out to be bales of turnips and barley hiding new, shiny instruments of death.  He is now warbling in Homs.



Home of defeated vermin and refuge for humiliated, incompetent terrorists.  An attempted infiltration toward Nuqtat Al-Mulook (Kings Pointe) was discovered and devastated by flurries of Syrian-made lead.  These 2 were the only ones of the 10 killed who carried papers on their carcasses:

  • Aadam ‘Ajrooj
  • Wafeeq Muhammad


Waadi Al-Meera:  A futile attack by mice on a checkpoint near Tal Nassaar was beaten back.  Reports are that several terrorists were killed and many wounded (being seen carried off by fellow vermin), but I have no details.


Al-Faykha Village:  Another misbegotten, foolhardy attack on a checkpoint manned by able and professional soldiers led to annihilation.  This group was Chechen and Daghestaani.  No more.  They are now merely denizens of a fiery deep supervised by none other than Mephistopheles.  I have no names.


Khattaab Village in East Homs rural:  Roving NDF hunters came upon their prey in the shape of a pack of coyotes counting money received from the mucous-mouthed apes of Arabia.  It didn’t take long for all 7 to surrender and plead for the Amnesty Program.


Southwest ‘Unq Al-Hawaa in East Homs rural:  More skirmishing with inept, untrained yokels and guttersnipes.  No details about more terrorist humiliation.


Al-Ghajar:  Skirmishing with no details.


Al-Rastan Hill west of the Al-Rastan Dam:  Another misconceived, sloppily executed attack on professional soldiers led to opprobrium and bog-washing.  18 terrorists confirmed dead and 5 taken prisoner.


Al-Rastan City:  City of incredible ignorance and bigotry.  Skirmishing with little snakes.


Al-Rastan City at the Sports Arena:  The SAA knew about a clowder of cockroaches and attacked it killing all 7.  Only one was Syrian.  No further details.


Dayr Al-Ma’ala Village:  SAA proactively hunted down feral pigs and killed 4 while taking 5 prisoners.  No names.


Between Al-Ghaasibiyya and Al-Duwayr: The SAA caught creeping, crawling lizards and ordered them to surrender.  All 19 did and are now negotiating for an audience with security services.


Al-Ghaasibiyya – Al-Khaalidiyya Road:  2 terrorists killed and 8 taken prisoner after a mishap with explosives left terrorists vulnerable to persuasion.


Al-Ghaasibiyya at Al-Shaykh Muhammad Hill:  Skirmishing with no details.


Bayt Al-Baraadiy:  No details about skirmishing.


North of Al-Manshara:  Ditto.


Al-Duwayr North:

4 terrorists killed.  Wael says one report indicated the group was flying high on Captagon, otherwise, they would have been sober enough to surrender and avoid the trip south to Hades:

  • Ameen Al-‘Abed
  • Faheem Ghazzool
  • Mu’tassem Abu-Halaawaa
  • Rushdi Mahmoud


Daar Al-Kabeera at the Tile Factory:  A battle going on right now.  Should be over soon.  Many terrorist carcasses over which to gloat.


  • Fighting reported here on a low level:  Al-Mahmoud Mountain; Al-Shaykh Ibraaheem Al-Hakeem Properties; Keeseen Bay (many terrorists killed the day before yesterday); Al-Wa’ar Orchards; Al-Khuraab Bridge; Tal Dahab Village; Al-Naasiriyya Quarter;




How Iran survived the American economic war by Forbes. (Thanks, John Esq.)


Russia increases its power and influence through new agreements with Syria:


Frank Reizenstein sends this blockbuster article about Turkey Al-Faysal’s past as promoter of terrorism.  He must be arrested!


Wanna learn about Porochenko?




WILE E. COYOTE MOMENT: (Thanks, Captain Corto)



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