There can be no doubt, if you read some western media outlets, that they are desperate for news to buoy up the collapsing morale of their terrorist terrorist hordes in Syria.  Some readers have fallen for the impossible narrative – impossible because our sources on the ground say it’s just not happening.  Even one of our readers, Chris, recently posted a short article in which he conceded a possible loss of Khaan Shaykhoon.  I have news today that will dispel any doubts about who is in control of both Khaan Shaykhoon and the very unimportant base at Khazzaanaat.

I have already exposed the Daily Star, SOHR, Reuters and other news services as either owned by the Arabian apes of the Gulf or run by the Rothschild cabal.  There is a new source on the scene, not terribly popular, which is espousing nonsense on a daily basis: it’s called “eaworldview”.  It is laugh-inducing folderol at the lowest level.  Believe it or not, its founder, one Scott Lucas, a professor of “American Studies” at the University of Birmingham (that’s in the UK, not Alabama) set up his little news service in 2008 to hurl vitriol at the Iranian government and its elections.  In 2012, an Israeli virago by the name of Joanna Paraszczuk, of apparently Ukrainian or Polish descent, joined up as co-editor. She had worked before for the Jerusalem Post as an “Arab Affairs Reporter” – oh, will the Saints spare us?  She has purportedly a masters degree in Eastern European Studies from University College in London which has obviously given her the expertise to expectorate about the Syrian situation.

Eaworldview is a tool of the MI6 people, just like SOHR.  It has strong contacts with Mossad through this harridan whose last name makes spelling it a daunting task.  Today, she is trying to convince the world that the terrorists have taken over Khaan Shaykhoon and the Khazzaanaat base.  She is a liar.

Khaan Shaykhoon would be significant as a base since it’s located at the Damascus-Aleppo International Highway.  The suggestion is that such control would interdict efforts to supply Aleppo’s army with ammunition and food.  For those who are allied with the Wahhabist cannibals, like this character Lucas or his Zionist confederate, Joanna P., such a position should be touted as a “major victory”.  He and this Joanna P. have even gone so far as to report that the terrorists have taken over the abandoned fuel depot at Khazzaanaat (See map. It’s to the southeast of Khaan Shaykhoon).

I put the question to Wael: did the terrorists take over the town of Khaan Shaykhoon or the Khazzaanaat fuel depot?  His answer was swift and very Arabic:  “No. Don’t make me laugh. They can have the Khazzaanaat base because there is nothing there. But, they have not even gone to the base.”  For those who doubt, know this: caravans of SAA supplies are pouring into Aleppo as I write and they have just passed by Khaan Shaykhoon without incident.  Wael did tell me that there are terrorists in the area and that they are looking for places with water in order to nest.

Taftanaaz:  The old abandoned helicopter repair facility was the scene yesterday of terrorist death.  The SAA killed 5 and allowed the rest to escape straight to Turkey.  Yawn.

Kafr Jaalis:  These vermin were put to death yesterday as they tried to steal a van operated by an ordinary citizen on his way to Jisr Al-Shughour to pick up merchandise.  He was seen being waylaid by scruffy terrorists and a citizen called police who called in the military.  As the terrorists drove off with the Mitsubishi van, the SAA descended upon them like wolves on the fold and killed every one:

  • ‘Abdul-Salaam Al-Khutba
  • Nazheer Al-Qazzi
  • Muhammad ‘Abdullah
  • The 4th was not identified.

Haarem-Idlib Road: A pack of terrorists was intercepted and offered the question both ordinary and extraordinary. They surrendered and warbled.

‘Ayn Shayb:  This little village never sees a lot of action, but, yesterday was an exception.  Terrorist originating in Homs were attacked by NDF and Ba’ath militia.  8 terrorists confirmed killed.  Wael says many were taken prisoner from a truck that was dressed up to look like it was carrying fruit and vegetables.

Al-Naajiya:  These 7 terrorists were killed when they drove over a mine planted by smart SAA engineers:

  • Ali Hussayn Sultaan
  • Mu’een Bakri
  • Saleem ‘Ubayd
  • Yusuf Majdalaani
  • Muhammad Al-Zayyaat
  • Ridhaa Fallooh
  • Muhammad Rizqullaah

Al-Tayyibaat:  No details about skirmishing.

Jabal Al-Arba’een: Firmly in control of SAA, the terrorists still try to set up nests in this area.  Last night, the SAA disrupted more of their plans.  No details.

Ma’arzaaf:  A group calling itself the “Brigades of the Falcons of Syria” (Oh,yawn), made up of Saudis and Chechen monkeys, were riding in 3 pickups with 3 23mm machine gun cannons – that is – until the SAA opened fire on them and killed every single one.  According to Wael, among the carcasses was a Saudi believed to be an officer in the Arabian “general intelligence” agency.  He was shot as he ran away from the scene waving his identification card.  The MI people will not reveal his name at this time. But, he’s dead anyways.

Al-Nayrab:  Fighting with foreign terrorists.  No details.

Northwest Idlib City:  A large number of vermin was put down yesterday by SAA and NDF.  2 pickups were destroyed.  Wael is trying to get more info about this.




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