ISIS has killed another major military figure in the Nusra camp near Jadeed ‘Ukaydaat in Dayr El-Zor.  HIs name was Idrees Ughlu (a/k/a Abu ‘Abduh), a former captain in and deserter from the SAA.  He is of Turk descent and was born near the City of Tartous.  He died along with 8 of his criminals at the hands of the ISIS criminals.


مقتل القائد العسكري لـ


SYRIAN ARMY NOW CONTROLS THE STRATEGICALLY IMPORTANT VILLAGE OF UMM AL-‘AWSAJ.  What this means is that the terrorists cannot extend supply lines to their fellow terrorists anywhere in the Der’ah area, especially at Nawaa, Inkhil, Simleen, Zimreen and Jaassem.  We know that Zionist “planners” are trying to think of ways to meliorate the devastating consequences of the SAA’s recent victory at Umm Al-‘Awsaj, but, no matter how much they put their ghetto-terrorist brains together, they will find it impossible as the matter is now firmly in the hands of Brigade 15 of the Syrian First Army Corps.


Qayta Town: Near Umm Al-‘Awsaj, 18 anti-tank mines and 4 IEDs dismantled by SAA sappers.  The IEDs had payloads between 30-100 kgs of explosives.


Der’ah City:

At the Al-Bihaar cemetery, SAA killed 4 terrorists.

Old Customs Building to the west:  2 dead terrorists:

  • Faarooq Akraad
  • Rareeq ‘Atwa


Medical Center:

8 terrorist leaders killed here in a major operation that may have serious repercussions for the Nusra organization in the city:

  • ‘Ammaar Abu-Sariyya (Liwaa` Al-Tawheed leader. PALESTEEZIAN HOG SPIT)


Al-Yarmouk Suburb to the southwest:  A nest of terrorists was destroyed and 7 killed:

  • “Abu Siqqeeq” (LIBYAN SNAKE MUCOUS. Id pending)
  • Sattaam Feelaati (?. Id pending. Carrying Libyan documents.  Witnesses say he is Moroccan)

The other 5 could not be identified.


West Sijna north of the Old Mosque in the city.  Skirmishing with no details.


Sijna Residencies:  Ditto.


Al-Masri Roundabout in the Al-Manshiyya Quarter:  An armored vehicle was destroyed by an alert NDF RPG operator.

Also, a tunnel was discovered.  No details about terrorist-stats.


Al-Karak Quarter:  SAA surrounded a safe house and arrested all 6 members inside.


Kataakeet Building:  No details about fighting here.


Arts Institute:

A pack of 3 terrorists were gunned down by police and NDF as it tried to find haven behind the building:

  • Aadam Hasanaat
  • Bilaal Al-Rummaan
  • Saadeq Diyaab 


Al-Yaadoodaa Road:  2 mortars and 1 flatbed with 23mm cannon destroyed west of ‘Itmaan.


Itmaan east of the Railroad Building:  4 terrorists killed and 11 taken prisoner.  No names.


Jadal Village:

In the Al-Lijaat area.  23 confirmed terrorist fatalities against the SAA and SAAF.  Here are the only carcasses identified.  Most of these were foreigners.  One confirmed Yemeni carrying a jambiyya and his daily dose of Qaat:


  • Baheej Hamdaan
  • Nizaar Sharshooh (How embarrassing)
  • Karam Abu-Sa’da
  • Haatem ‘Abbaasi
  • Wadee’ Mustafaa




The SAA has now occupied all hills surrounding this town. Expect to hear some fireworks shortly.


Jaassem, Inkhil and Taseel:  Reports vermin are bracing for a new SAA offensive in a few days.  Fortifications being refortified, but, no reinforcements or resupply coming now that Umm Al-‘Awsaj has been liberated.

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