Dr. Assad waves a fond farewell to French factotum, French/Algerian Fuddy-Duddy, French Farcical Freak, Lakhdar Brahimi.


We awarded him the Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote Tilting at Windmills Award for 2013.  At that time we thought he would give it a good try as a mediator, but, would fail, despite his best intentions.  As it turned out, his best intentions were to overthrow the government of Syria despite the feelings of the Syrian people. You can’t imagine how pleased we are to see this senescent monkey head straight for the Barbary Coast Hospice for Devolving Dunderheads.  His efforts to please his Gallic sponsors were nauseating and his explanations for failure, naive and flaccid. He will not be missed and we wish him a lonely death away from anything that hints of the Syrian nation.  Our middle finger raised up proudly to him and his progeny.


Brahimi isn’t much of an intellect.  You can teach orangutans how to speak French.  Here he is asked what’s the capital of Kuwait.


Well, it looks like Dr. Assad has had a busy three years sending valedictory notes to departing degenerates:

Nicolas Sarkozy, Sergio Berlusconi, Hillary Clinton, Salim Idris, Hamad bin Khalifa, Hamad bin Jassem, Bandar bin Sultan, Guido Westerwelle, Riyadh Al-As’ad, Muhammad Morsi, Jose Zapatero and so many others who did not grab the limelight like these losers.  Now, we add Lakhdar Brahimi.  ZAF


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