Syrian ambassador to Jordan Lt. Gen. Bahjaat Sulaymaan Expelled For Telling The Truth

You see, the Syrian ambassador to Jordan, Lt. Gen. Bahjaat Sulaymaan, was expelled yesterday by the Hashemite-Zionist tyranny because, you see, he told the truth.  Gen. Sulaymaan exposed the Hashemite Dwarf Despot Abdullah II for his intrigues and complicity in the terrorist campaign against the Syrian people from his own territory – not to mention the Pygmy King’s participation in conspiracies against the government and army of Syria.  Well, you can do most anything you like in Jordan if you toe the line, but, you cannot SPEAK THE TRUTH!  THAT’S A NO-NO.  So, in response to Jordan’s typically preposterous, Zionist-British-motivated actions, the Syrian government has slathered the stinking Jordanian child molester charge d’affaires in Damascus with hot tar, feathered him liberally and kicked him out like some rabid old cur right back to the arms of his beloved coprophiliac king.

Bahjat Suleiman, Syrian ambassador to Jordan, gestures during a news conference at Syrian embassy in Amman

Syrian ambassador to Jordan, Lt. Gen. Bahjaat Sulaymaan


General Sulaymaan used to be the head of  Shu’ba 251-Internal Security – within the General Security Bureau during the last days of President Hafizh Al-Assad and the early days of Dr. Bashar’s first years.  

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