Syrian Arab Army On The Move In Aleppo



imagesFollowing the victory at the Aleppo Central Prison, the Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces” – under the command of Colonal Suhail al-Hassan – imposed its will on terrorists in Jubaylah, killing scores of militants before liberating the Agricultural Building and Al-Rawwan Farm. According to a Tiger Forces’ source, the remaining terrorists from Ahrar al-Sham that fled the Aleppo Central Prison vicinity are now scurrying west to regroup.

As the Syrian Arab Army continues to push west to Anadan, a contingent of soldiers were able to liberate the 2nd Sector of the Industrial City. Liwaa’ al-Tawheed and Ahrar al-Sham are disintegrating in the final terrorist-held area in the Industrial City.

In Bani Za’id, the SAA has prepared its troops for a full-scale siege of the village. Approximately 150 soldiers are waiting to storm the terrorist positions. Today, the Syrian Air Force began their campaign to destroy the tunnels in the village – no confirmed number of dead terrorists yet.

My updated map of the ground situation in Aleppo. Pay close attention to the terrorist supply route to Handarat; the SAA is pushing through Jubaylah to obstruct the main supply route and starve out the terrorists.


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