Absolutely confirmed.  Just 5 hours ago, the SAA reported a successful ground and air assault on Mountain-Point 724.  The ground assault was carried out by SAA infantry and NDF while the actual attack on the mountaintop was accomplished by Hind helicopter gunships followed by Spetsnaz-trained Al-Saa’iqa Special Operations platoons based out of Al-Qutayfa.  The SAA commandos slaughtered the mostly Chechen, Egyptian and Saudi ape-terrorists by attacking from the east as the sun was rising brightly effectively blinding the filthy Obama-funded garbage scavengers and cannibals.  The map’s locator tells exactly where Point 724 is found and it’s further proof that the Turkish military is no match for the Syrian army.

Reports provide that 51 carcasses have been counted so far with 88 arrested.  All the arrested terrorists are Syrians, Egyptians and Kuwaytis while the 51 carcasses are mostly foreigners.  What this means is that the foreign fighters segregated themselves from the Arabs, apparently in order to make it easier for Turkish ambulances to discriminate in transporting wounded into Turkey. Don’t forget, Turkey’s government will not allow anyone but foreign terrorists into its stinking lands leaving the Arabs to die miserably in the northern countryside.

SyrPer has received confirmation that Turk ambulances have violated Syrian sovereignty by crossing the border to spirit wounded terrorist-monkeys from Chechnya back to hospitals in Turkey.  We have no details about numbers of ambulances, but, Wael says there cannot be very many because almost all the foreign terrorists were killed in the first SF assault.  THIS IS A MAJOR DISASTER FOR ERDOGHAN’S GENOCIDAL FREAK TURK TERRORISTS.  THE ENTIRE NORTHERN FRONT NOW LAYS UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYES OF THE GREAT SYRIAN ARMY.



This one has to do with an alleged tunnel-bombing near the Citadel in Aleppo.  Don’t you believe it!  According to the reports from the risibly embarrassing prostitutes at the Daily Star, based on MI6 lies kited by SOHR in Coventry, England, the Islamic Front successfully placed explosives under a location where SAA officers sleep close to the Citadel, this in an area scoured by the SAA after the Carlton Hotel bombing.  AP, another Zionist media outlet, did not coordinate the story properly and released false information, as though it were a scoop, before the event actually happened.  And when it turned out that the attack was not by tunnel, but by mortars fired from Bani Zayd, the whole story went down the toilet. The only problem was that they had published the nonsense and now had to eat crow. The AP, no slouches when it comes to lying, released an old video claiming it showed an explosion in Aleppo.  It was an old video, Punkt!  No such explosion took place.  The hysterical lying of the Western presss which included false reports of terrorist victories at Khaan Shaykoon have been exposed.

Once again, these lies are caused by MI6 and Mossad morons in Turkey who feed these mediocre news services with stories before they happen in an effort to give the sources legitimacy.  Doesn’t work and they have been exposed. ZAF

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