In a media blitz orchestrated by the late Josef Goebbels, Western lie-factories are making utterly preposterous claims about terrorist control over “parts” of Jaramaana and “all” of the very important airbase at Al-Dhumayr.

SANA and our source in Damascus have exposed this psyops CIA-MI6-Mossad lie immediately after they tried to kite this red herring.  Readers are warned not to view the Western poppycock as anything but another miserable attempt to buoy up the sinking morale and fortunes of their cannibal heroes.

The Al-Dhumayr Airbase is impenetrable to the terrorists.  It is surrounded by forces no less daunting than those defending the Presidential Palace.  The very suggestion that these inferior vermin could attack the base successfully is testament to the desperation felt in the corridors of plagiarism and deceit in McLean, London, Doha and Tel Aviv.  This base lies in an area of heavy SAA concentration.  The readers are invited to scan the map provided to see that Al-Dhumayr is located in one of the most sensitive military areas which is not vulnerable to any attack by the NATO-supported monkeys.

I also received a call from a friend after I had left him a message concerning Jaramaanaa.  He called his family there and confirmed that the Western media is lying about any penetration of this suburb by Obama’s filthy syphilis-ridden cockroaches.



In a continuing process of combing the area for terrorists, the SAA killed these Nusra terrorists:

  • Dhaaher Al-‘Azeez
  • Muhammad Saleek
  • Burhaan ‘Ajami
  • ‘Umar Jawda
  • ‘Ammaar Al-Halabi

Another 8 could not be identified and are presumed to be foreign.



At the Al-Manaasher Roundabout to the east, the SAA killed these slimy reptiles:

  • Ismaa’eel Fayyaadh
  • Firaas Darakhbaani
  • Ayyoob Al-Feejaawi
  • Muhammad Rahma
  • Marwaan Hammood
  • Saa`eb Sinnu

14 were taken prisoner.


Dayr Al-‘Assaafeer:  Weapons and ammo seized and delivered to our NDF.  No details.



A group which is becoming more noticeable for its ineptitude, Fajr Al-Islam Brigade (Dawn of Islam Brigade),

approached extincition yesterday with the loss of its illustrious leader:

  • Baassel Qadaadu


Doumaa in the Industrial Zone: A pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed.


Al-’Aaliya Farms:  3 terrorists with weapons and ammo.  Terrorists killed. Weapons and ammo sent to NDF.



At the Sukayna Shrine and Al-‘Alaali, the SAA killed 19 terrorists:

  • Khaleel ‘Abdul-Majeed
  • Taaher Bilaysi
  • ‘Alaa` ‘Assood
  • Fakhri Muhammad
  • Naaji Musallam
  • Baassel Al-Khurma
  • Ahmad Ma’bara
  • Muhammad Al-Khudhr

The rest were not named.


Jayrood at the Al-Batraa` Quarries:  The SAA seized lots of weapons and ammo and killed these:

  • Bilaal Ammoon
  • Jaaber Al-Nassooh
  • Ayman ‘Arab
  • Saameh ‘Izzeddeen





‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies: At the 9th District (Island), SAA killed most of the terrorists in a pack, but, SANA provided no details.


Al-Ruhayba: Fighting with no details.



Our friend, Brandon Turbeville, throws one more expose in the face of the “warmongering” NATO cabal:


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