مقتل عدد من متزعمي ما يسمى

Yesterday, in a coordinated move by NATO and Zionist “news sources”, the province of Idlib was described as being under attack by Turkish-based terrorist terrorists.  The George Soros propaganda syndicates were trying desperately to shore up what is left of terrorist vermin morale in this area abutting the southern Turkish frontier.  To no avail.  News about terrorist takeovers of SAA bases are baseless and devoid of any truth.  In fact, such reports are puzzling to our sources who say the front in Idlib is, by far, the most productive so far when it comes to terrorist-stats.

Ma’r Zaaf:

J.N. and its clone, J.I., were demolished by SAA and NDF forces as they tried to enter this town with mortar cover fire.  Inept conduct of battle resulted in these vermin being left for the Stygian Census Bureau:


  • ‘Aakef Abu-Ma’roof
  • Muhammad Ghissn
  • Rabee’ Jamaal
  • ‘Ali Kawwaari
  • Husni ‘Abdullah
  • Zayn Qashshoo’
  • ‘Abduh Siraajeddeen
  • ‘Aassem Khawkha


Another 16 could not be identified because they were carrying either forged papers taken from refugees or no papers at all.



This is the SAR’s Jericho.  Yesterday, the walls didn’t go down as 73 terrorists were killed in a combination artillery, aircraft and infantry operation conducted perfectly by the SAA and NDF.  There were planned attacks across a complex of army outposts.  The only problem was that the SAA knew about it days before as incompetent Turk officers negligently referred to it in their unsecure communications.  It, also, did not take long for MI drones to locate the areas of terrorist concentrations.  Before they could even start the operation, SAA forces out of the Masyaf Army Base, opened fire on them with Howitzers as the SAF proceeded to shellac their positions:



Once the terrorist formations were in disarray, their so-called commanders urging their terrorists to “Head North” for the safety of Turkey, the SAA infantry closed in and wiped out a confirmed 73.  Almost all of them were foreigners, Libyans, Tunisians, Pakistanis and the sought-after Chechens.


  • Abdul-Haadi Shulaywaa
  • Husni Urfali
  • “Abu-Haneefa Al-Tunisi” (TUNISIAN TOILET BRUSH. Identified by paper in his pocket)
  • Mahdi Za’roor
  • Suhayl Qusnaati
  • Jaaber Abu-Hinna
  • Mustafaa Al-Turshaan
  • ‘Umar Daawood
  • ‘Abdul-Hameed Al-Waadi-Al-Akhdhar (weird name: Green Valley. Sounds like some dollar-store can of green beans)
  • Sirdaar ‘Ali-Bayk
  • Hussayn Sahlab
  • Muhammad Al-Udabaa`
  • Naasser Al-Joom


The rest could not be identified, but, had all the appearances of being foreign.  Many carried documents in Chechen or Russian languages.



Another attack on an SAA outpost was stanched and its terrorists rousted.  No details.


Bizaaboor area:  More silliness from the Jabhat Al-Islam (JI).  12 terrorists confirmed killed with 4 taken prisoner in various states of ill-health.


Jabal Al-Arba’een area:  Another Jabhat Al-Islam fiasco with Turkish officers having planned this disaster.  This area is completely under the control of the SAA.  However, every once in a while, the terrorists try to take it over because of its strategic importance.  Yesterday, the terrorists lost 10 with about 16 confirmed hits, many carcasses still laying on the ground needing medical assistance.  I’m afraid the SAA and NDF are not about to start playing Florence Nightingale.


Syriatel Tower:

Wael has received reports that 23 terrorists were put down trying to attack the tower to block Syrian citizen communications.  It just didn’t work.  Raami Makhlouf no longer has an interest in this company having sold his shares in 2013.  So, I guess the attack must have been motivated by a desire to stop Syrians from talking to one another.  What a brilliant Turk-inspired strategy.  With the elections coming on June 3, wouldn’t it be jolly if nobody could talk to the other.  It failed, anyways.


Khaan Al-Subul Village:  Fighting with no details.


Kafr Laahaa:  SAA crushed a J.N. attack this morning.  No details, yet.



The British media is becoming a bit daft.  This article should have been written 3 years ago when the English were plunging headlong into the situation they have today:



Here’s a great one to be read in conjunction with Jenny Mulder’s article in Syrper:


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