Al-Maleeha:  Syrian Army essentially mopping up the northern entryways into Al-Maleeha and the surrounding orchards.  Most of the carcasses found in this area are of foreign terrorists.  Yesterday, 26 terrorists were killed here, one of whom actually carried documents showing Yemeni origin:

  • Bandar Muslih `Aal-Mukharraf (YEMENI CAT PHLEGM)
  • Mundher Al-Qazzaaz
  • Fawzi Al-Bahri
  • Lutfi Al-Qallaa`
  • Ibraaheem ‘Abdul-Jabbaar

Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:  A nest was invaded and destroyed by SAA with NDF backup:

  • Rajab ‘Allaaf
  • Mustafaa Bakkoor

The other 7 could not be identified.



Clean-up.  SAA killed this sniper:

  • Faadi Hamdaan


Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms:  13 confirmed terrorists killed.  No names.


Harastaa:  A van near the Police Infirmary was destroyed with all its lethal contents.


‘Aaliya Farms in Doumaa:  SAA seized or destroyed considerable weapons and ammunition and killed or wounded over 20 terrorists.  Only one name has appeared on the list:

  • Jaaber ‘Uyoon


East Jawbar:

A sneak attack by SAA and NDF caught the terrorists sleeping in a dilapidated building.  Monzer thinks, based on reports, that the terrorists were taking Captagon and had overused the drug to the point where their mental faculties were reduced considerably:

  • Anas Al-Faadhil
  • Nibraas Al-Haddaad
  • Muhammad Zayneddeen
  • ‘Abdullah Al-Keelaani
  • Saamer Ahmad ‘Awwaan
  • ‘Abdul-Razzaaq Sa’da
  • Muneef Jabaara

The remaining 8 could not be identified. No survivors.


Al-‘Awjaan Farms in northeast rural Damascus:  Reports of firefights with no details.


Al-Dhumayr Town:  SAA killed these groveling vermin:

  • Ayman Zahr Al-Tabeesh
  • ‘Ali Bakr



تدمير وكر للإرهابيين في جوبر.. وتواصل العمليات النوعية في الغوطة الشرقية

Jayrood area at Al-Ruhayba, Al-Turayla and Al-Batraa` Quarries:  Whole groupings of terrorists destroyed with no details.


Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer:  11 terrorists killed, 7 wounded and taken prisoner and lots of weapons and ammunition for the NDF and ANG.  I have no names.


Zibdeen:  19 terrorists killed. All foreign belonging to the Nusra terrorist-pack.  No names available.




تفكيك 10 عبوات ناسفة زرعها إرهابيون في ريف تدمر

Palmyra (Tadmur):  8 IEDS dismantled by sappers at Al-Sukhna and Al-Hayl Field at the pedestrian crossing.  At Al-Sukhna itself, 2 IEDs were spotted and diarmed.  All these IEDs were 70kgs with C-4 enhancers and could be detonated by wire or by timers.


‘Aydoon Village: Skirmish with NDF but no details.


Hawsh Hajju:  4 terrorists killed. All foreigners.


Daar Al-Kabeera:  Terrorists waiting to greet the humiliated remnants of the terrorist trash leaving central Homs opened fire on a Syrian Army convoy and got much more than they expected.  According to Wael, the SAA killed 9 terrorists and was able to seize 13 wounded ones.


Abu Al-‘Alaayaa Village:  SAA foiled an attempted infiltration by terrorists.  No details.


Al-Qunaytaraat: in Talbeesa.  2 cars with terrorists and one pickup with 23mm cannon were waylaid by SAA and all Nusra passengers exterminated. No names of the all-foreign pack.


East Rural Homs: At Ruhoom, Umm Al-Reesh and West Salaam, reports of skirmishing with no details.

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