Well, this time the bouts’ between what’s left of the Fake Syrian Army (FSA) and the Jabhat Al-Nusra.  This all took place after the latter arrested some FSA drag queen named Al-Nu’aymi for announcing his intent to rid Syria of Salafists and Takfeeris.  The Obama terrorists didn’t like that and ordered the arrest of Al-Nu’aymi by their Alqaeda allies.  Anyways, the number of terrorist carcasses on both sides is over 30 according to terrorist sources.  I mean, we don’t care here at SyrPer how many they kill from one another – the important thing is they kill one another.


Nawaa:  An attack on a checkpoint was repulsed.


Old Customs Building in the Al-Bajaabija Quarter:  North of the building. SAA killed 3 terrorists and arrested 5.  No names.


Zimreen – Simleen Junction:  SAA killed 1 terrorist and took 4 prisoner.  Also, a nice cache of weapons was seized and distributed to the NDF and Arab Nationalism Guards (ANG).



A terrorist attack on a civilian home was repelled by NDF:

  • Ashraf Shahhood
  • ‘Umar Hamdaan

Another 3 could not be identified.


Al-Manshiyya Quarter:  An attack on a checkpoint was foiled and repelled. No details.


Tal Umm Hawraan: Fighting with no details.


Art Institute near the Al-Kataakeet Building and Post Office: Firefight. No details.


Firefights on Al-Suwaydaan St. and Al-Urdun Avenue in the city. No details.


East of Al-Masri Roundabout:  No details.


Al-Hiraak – Al-Karak Junction near the hatcheries (Al-Madaajin):  SAA ambushed a small pack of terrorists and killed them all. I have no details.


Heavy fighting reported on-going in these areas: Busraa Al-Shaam, Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque in the city, northwest Simleen and at the Journalist’s building.



Al-Qahtaaniyya: An attempted attack on a checkpoint met with failure.  The terrorists carried evidence of communication with the Zionists of the Khazar Settler State.  6 carcasses counted with no names announced.



Sharmine Narwani exposes more lies about the origins of the conflict in Syria and how the media promoted increasing violence:

​Syria: The hidden massacre

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