There is no better way to describe the utter incompetence of the Erdoghan-Turk command of the war criminal terrorists in Latakia than to simply say that it relies on possibly the most illiterate and stupefyingly clumsy of the entire spectrum of cannibals and barbarians from the Islamic World: the Chechens and Turks!  It’s as simple as that.  While the supporters of these savages might take comfort in the idea that Chechens came over from their region in the Caucasus to fight for “freedom, democracy, dignity and fraternity”, the actual reason they are in Syria has nothing to do with religion.  Instead, from documents collected by MI, the real reason is money – whether it be from Qatar, Saudi Arabia or the United States. Many Chechen carcasses contained bank account books and letters from individuals now known to be financiers from Qatar and KSA.

But now, the Erdoghani Turk sociopaths have come to an ugly conclusion: there aren’t enough terrorists to hold ground in the northern Latakia mountains.  The Arab terrorists, whether foreign or local, have been suffering massive casualties attendant to clashes with the Syrian government’s forces or because of wounds left untreated causing a variety of debilitating conditions with which the Turk hospitals are not equipped to deal.  Another problem with treating wounded Arab terrorists is the hostile attitude of Turkish citizens toward these terrorists often resulting in angry crowds gathering around ambulances in order to speed the wounded Arab Islamist pig to his final spit in Hell.

With the numbers of terrorists decreasing either through death, disability or desertion, the Turkish junta has resorted to using Turkish agents in MIT or retired Turkish military personnel acting as mercenaries.  On May 9, 2014, we reported an SAAF attack on a military supply convoy from Turkey acting under the auspices of some MIT-created charity front organization.  To this date the Turk government has not condemned the the SAAF assault, because, we believe, it will open up a can of worms that could lead to Iranian military involvement.  Inside the destroyed trucks were Turkish commandos whose orders were discovered to involve attacking the super-sensitive Handaraat Air Defense Base.  Turkey has essentially declared war on Syria – a warm war, if you will, but a war nonetheless.  The absence of sufficient volunteers to fight on and the withdrawal of many Chechens from this front to fight elsewhere (like Yemen) has created a critical vacuum which can only be filled by Turks under orders from the Erdoghani gang of war criminals.  Erdoghan is desperate as his epilepsy is becoming a serious issue in the upcoming elections.


تدمير مستودع أسلحة وسيارات مزودة برشاشات ثقيلة بمن فيها من الإرهابيين في دير الزور

Al-Birnaass in the Al-Rubay’ah area: mostly foreign terrorists plus one of their leaders, a van loaded with weapons and ammunition, and 2 flatbeds with 23mm machine gun cannons, all went the way of the past tense as SAA and NDF caught them in broad daylight and flayed them with a torrent of lead.  6 were taken prisoner.  Only 2 of the 19 carcasses were identifiable:

  • ‘Ali Qusaymi
  • Ghassaan Za’roor

Wael writes that the prisoners were induced into revealing a warehouse from which they filled their van with weapons and ammo.  When the SAA arrived at the warehouse nearby, they found a moderate amount of materiel which was reserved for distribution to the NDF and ANG.


Maqla’ (quarry) Kasab: A warehouse with mortar rockets, IEDs and Turk-manufactured baloney electronic equipment for satellite communication were seized.


Al-Qiyaama Police Station Post:  An NDF unit uncovered a cache of launchers and mortars here.  Interestingly, there were no rockets or missiles inside.


Zaahiya Village:

This is a Nusra nest with all foreign terrorists.  A warehouse filled with weapons was also found containing missiles and 1 flatbed armed with a 23mm cannon. The terrorists tried to defend their little outpost to no avail.  An helicopter savaged them a few minutes into the clash and 12 carcasses were counted.  According to Wael, over 10 managed to escape toward the border of Turkish-Occupied Syria.

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