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It could not be going better for the SAA and its allies.  With Al-Maleeha being systematically deloused as we write today’s post, the area of Khaan Al-Shaykh is taking on a newer and more critical role in the war to eradicate the terrorist plague foisted upon Syria by NATO, the U.S., KSA, Qatar and Turkey.

Khaan Al-Shaykh:

37 terrorists were killed and 82 believed wounded when the SAA laid down a trap and ensnared the groveling terrorists inside.  It took place at Al-Sharaf Boulevard as a convoy of mostly mobile vermin were passing as though in some military parade with other filth on foot, some described as overweight or out of shape.  When they passed a certain point, the order came to douse them with the flames of Hell.  Here is a partial list of carcasses as collected by Monzer:


  • Nazeeh Shaaheen
  • ‘Abdul-Sattaar Ja’afar
  • Hussayn Diyaab
  • Muhssen Ahmadi
  • Zaayed Siraajeddeen
  • Ihsaan Rajab
  • Muhammad Saalihaani
  • Khaleel ‘Abdul-Jabbaar
  • Muta’ Qaynu

The others were believed to be foreign and were either without papers or carried forged documents.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:

At the Nestle Factory.  The SAA killed a pack of terrorists all of whom are believed to be non-Syrians.  The actual number has not been relayed to me and I have no other details.


Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms:  A warehouse loaded with newly-arrived weapons and ammunition was invaded and either destroyed or confiscated by SAA and NDF.  The SAA reports 16 terrorists killed in this operation:

  • Muhammad Al-Khawaajaa
  • Fu’aad Antabli
  • Ahmad Shamatt
  • Ramzi Al-Faarr
  • Jameel Mahmoud
  • Saari Abu-Deeba

The rest were not identified.




To the north.  Near the Tamiko Pharmaceutical Complex.  All 14 were Nusra carcasses.

  • Mahfoudh Nisla (a/k/a Abu Samarqand Al-Jazaa`eri, ALGERIAN FROG LIP BALM.  Couldn’t even spell his name right in a phonetic language like Arabic.  A real Gazoonybird)
  • Muneeb Sayyaah
  • Ghassaan Al-Waadi

Another 11 could not be identified as of this writing.


Al-Nishaabiyya in the East Ghoutaa:  8 confirmed terrorists killed: (SANA)

  • Ali Rabaah


‘Aaliya Farms in Doumaa:  SAA killed this terrorist:

  • Raateb Sa’da


Adraa Town:

SAA killed these:

  • Khaaled Ayyoob
  • Muflih Sulaymaan
  • Haarith Al-Waaqed




‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies:

Negotiations are continuing to allow the trapped terrorists to escape to safer haunts. The SAA is playing touch on this one.  The terrorists will not be allowed to leave with their personal weapons and there will be no trade in prisoners.  Yesterday, SAA snipers took this savage down:

  • Mu’tassem Silwaadi



Major front here.  At the Al-Hawwaash Bakery near the Hudhayfa bin Al-Yamaan Mosque on the Eastern axis route, the SAA killed 9 terrorists.



In Southwest Damascus: A booby-trapped bomb rigged car was dismantled successfully by SAA engineers.  It was a KIA-Reo car parked on the main road in front of the Warm Hearts Happiness Salon. (Yuck!)  It had a 40kg payload.

تفكيك سيارة مفخخة تم ضبطها بالشارع الرئيسي في بلدة صحنايا


Qaarra Foothills on the Lebanese border:

At the Al-Zamraani Crossing, a firefight took place and this terrorist went down to the sticky bogs of Hades:

  • Firaas Dhaaher


Al-Zabadaani in the west mountains:  SAA killed these:

  • Haaroon ‘Abed Al-Rushaydi (YEMENIS FLY DROPPING)



8 terrorists dove headlong into Satan’s Olympian-sized pool for a swim in the scalding waters of the Eternal Tea Pot.  Sorry, no scones or crumpets.  Not even Turkish Delight.

No names.



I’m tired now and will continue with news from Der’ah and Aleppo tomorrow after I get back from Ann Arbor.  Lots of news. Here are some photos from the Der’ah front.  Notice the fertilizer bags in the one just below. ZAF


إرهابيون جزائريون ولبنانيون ويمنيون بين قتلى العمليات العسكرية في ريف دمشق

N.B. Dayr El-Zor:

The ISIS pests have successfully pithed Nusra’s favorite car bomb maker, ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Wayys.  He was responsible for rigging hundreds of cars in Dayr El-Zor, Aleppo and Idlib. Nusra has vowed revenge. (Yawn).



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