تدمير وكر لما يسمّى

Addenda et Corrigenda: I made the mistake of excluding Chris from the list of readers and allies who participate in the cartography that has become most popular on this site. Please forgive me for the error.  I listed Chevi as a mapmaker with Fadi and Leith when I should have mentioned Chris.  Please keep the maps coming.  ZAF


This news is from June 23, 2014 and June 24, 2014:

City:  An attempted infiltration into the provincial capital was thwarted by SAA as the terrorists came in from Yaadoodaa and ‘Itmaan.  No names available.


Old Customs Building:  5 terrorists killed and 3 taken prisoner.

  • Saa`eb Hassaani
  • “Abu Saaleh” (Id pending)
  • The others were foreigners.


Media Center Building: Skirmishing with no details.


Al-Hamza Mosque:  2 criminals killed by police and security.


Al-‘Abbaas Mosque: No details about fighting here.


Qayta Village:  An attempted infiltration into a home near Inkhil resulted in all the terrorists being killed.  According to Monzer, 7 were found dead.  4 of them were Jordanians and the rest Syrian.  I have no names.


Al-Nu’ayma:  At the Al-Rahmaan Mosque, a pack of rodents was eliminated to the tune of 11.  Only these were identified:

  • Akram Abu Manna
  • Taaher Mustafaa
  • Al-Sayyid Al-Tameemi

‘Itmaan:  An attempted infiltration into the stone cutting facility resulted in 4 dead terrorists and 9 taken prisoner or wounded.


‘Itmaan:  North of the Al-Ghizlaan Farms, an infiltration by terrorists was foiled.  No details.


Al-Kassaara at the Zimreen/Simleen Junction.  Monzer reports over 20 dead terrorists with no details coming in.


Al-Thurayyaa Hill:  Skirmishing with no details.



تدمير عربتين مزودتين برشاشات ثقيلة في تلبيسة.. ومقتل عدد من الإرهابيين في الرستن


Khaan Toomaan:  The SAA shot down a Turkish drone flying reconnaissance for ISIS over northern Syria yesterday.  It was shot down by a shoulder fired missile at the ‘Azzaan Hilltop AD base.  The drone has been recovered and will be analyzed.



Obama pretends he didn’t know about ISIS and Iraq:

Qatar deep up to its neck in terrorism as shown here:

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