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This just in from Wael inside Latakia City where reports are pouring in describing a major internal collapse in the ranks of the terrorist army guided by Erdoghan’s goon squads:  AL-NAB’AYN and AL-SAMRAA are now completely in the control of the SAA!  This means no more silly British nonsense about an “outlet to the sea” or such other propaganda.




الجيش السوري يسيطر على الحدث وحوار



Sirmeen: At the Al-Dawsa Lands, 4 pickup trucks mounted with 23mm Doschkas were ambushed and 17 terrorists, almost all foreigners, were killed in a stunning operation that underlined the ineffective nature of Turk-Zionist assistance to these feckless specimens of Rodenta.  The convoy was made up of 3 terrorist groups:  Liwaa` Daawood, Kateebat Al-Muhaajireen, and Jund Al-Aqsaa (Yawn cubed).

  • “Abu Haadi” (Id pending. A suicide bomber whose death was aborted by death at the hands of the SAA. He belonged to Jund Al-Aqsaa).

No other names available.


Kilali Town:

Libyans and Tunisians took the Marrakesh Express to the domains down under.  They belonged to Liwaa` Suqoor Al-Shaam (More of these falcons that are actually chicken hawks).  A huge warehouse with Turk-supplied weapons was uncovered too along with flatbed trucks with 23mm cannons:

  • Tawfeeq Al-Hassan (a/k/a “Abu Hamza”)
  • Saari Mahfouzh
  • Muhammad Khayr Kaylaani

The other 14 were all foreigners and had no valid identification on them.


  • Fighting reported here:  Talab, Al-Lijj, Tal Salmu, Abu-Al-Dhuhoor, Jubb Al-Ahmar, Duwayr Al-Akraad, Jadraayaa, Qastoon, West Hilyaa, Jabal Al-Arba’een area, Kafr Haayaa, Al-Raami.



The SAA is about to lift the evacuation warning concerning the cache of propane at the border of Bani Zayd and Old Aleppo districts after intelligence has determined that the terrorists either were not going to blow it up or did not have adequate technology to do so.  My wife’s nephews in Sulaymaaniyya are going to return home sometime today and will vote in their own quarter.

Karm Al-Turaab and Al-Muyassar:  An attempt by desperate apes to encroach on to secure areas before the election met with abject humiliation as the NDF and police killed all 7 of them:

  • Ma’roof Sinaan
  • ‘Abdul-Wahhaab Ghurbaa
  • Waheed Mustafaa
  • Idrees Jaanu
  • Muhammad Al-Rifaa’iy
  • Taaleb Al-Sayrafi

The 7th was not identified.


The Thermal Station:  The terrorists tried, once again, to attack this well-protected asset with little luck.  According to Wael’s sources, there were 10 confirmed direct hits on the terrorists:


‘Anjaara:  SAA struck hard at entrenched terrorist nests to the north of this sleepy town and killed 11 terrorists while taking 23 prisoners.  Among the captured terrorists were 2 Turks who belonged to the MIT and were former members of Turkey’s Military Intelligence Division.  They will be warbling.


Al-Saaliheen:  A warehouse loaded with Turk-supplied and Saudi-ape-financed weapons.  A real treasure for our NDF and ANG.


Greater Awram:  More action to the west.  SAA called in airstrikes and killed around 16 terrorists.  The devastation was massive and the terrorists are all in pieces over it.


Handaraat Camp:  There is an Air Defense Base here that is superbly protected.  Yesterday, a mortar attack on it led to the SAA pursuing the perpetrators and killing all 9 of them:

  • Jameel ‘Adwaan
  • Muhyi-Al-Deen Al-Saqqaal

The rest were deemed foreign because they carried no papers.


Jubayla: (read: near Central Prison)  This area is about to be completely deloused as waves of SAA infantry assault all their positions along a massive front intended to surround the entire city from the North.  I have no details, but, Wael and Monzer cite sources which describe an anarchic situation both among the terrorists and their terrorist handlers in Turkey.


SYRIAN ARMY LIBERATES THESE TOWNS SOUTH OF THE CITYHaddaadeen, Rasm Bakru, Jabal Al-Sahaareej, Al-Khaanaat and Al-Dabbaaghaat.  SAA on a roll as terrorist defenses crumble everywhere.


Fighting intense in these areas where the SAA is proactively seeking out the vicious, plague-carrying vermin:

  • Al-Muslimiyya, Tal-Jabeen, Shaykh ‘Issa, ‘Anadaan, Kafr Daa’el, Kuwayris, Huraytaan, Al-Ataareb, Al-Zarba, Kafr Hamraa, Baabees, A’zaaz, Tal Rif’aat, Al-Binnaawi Village, Al-Haajeb SE, Kafr Naaseh, Bustaan Al-Baashaa, Tal Qadah, Old City, Al-Saakhoor, Qubtaan Al-Jabal, Tal Sha’eer, Bani Zayd, Al-Haadher.



CITY:  Shaykh Miskeen Road: A lone terrorist was caught trying to rig a car with an IED at a soil barrier.  Citizens called in the police and they were quickly backed up by General Security. The terrorist was killed instantly in a flurry of hot lead.  No name.


Old Customs Building:  2 killed here.

  • Ja’afar Qulayt
  • Wafiy Saafooh


East of Olive Press: No details.


South of Engineers’ Building: Reported 6 dead terrorists with many surrendering. No details.


South of Al-Hamza Mosque and Al-‘Abbaas Mosque:  No details about skirmishing.


Sijna Quarter:  A SAA platoon uncovered a pack of terrorists readying a Howitzer brought in from Jordan and killed all 6 terrorists after a 4 hour gun battle.  Howitzer is functional and will be used by the SAA to kill Hashemites.


Itmaan:  At the water tower south of the city, Monzer reports 16 terrorists killed and 18 wounded prisoners belonging to the Nusra. 


‘Itmaan:  At the Simleen-Zimreen Junction, SAA killed 8 terrorists and took 2 prisoners.  All were members of a foreign group named “Kateebat Muhaajireey Al-Shaam” (Yawn).


Simleen:  At the water reservoir, a van with terrorists was stopped and all 8 arrested with their weapons.  They put up no fight.


Umm Al-‘Awsaj: Completely liberated a few days ago west of Al-Sanamayn – on the outskirts – 3 flatbeds with 23mm cannons were destroyed.  The road between Al-Sanamayn and Zimreen is now open for use by the public.


Hammaad Farms: An attempt to set up a nest here along with underground hideaways met with complete failure when the owner called in help from the police who, in turn, brought in the SAA.  All 9 terrorists killed by helicopter attack from the Tha’ala Base in Suwayda.


Al-Jisra:  2 flatbeds with 23mm cannons destroyed.  No further details.


Jaassem – Nawaa Road:  Fighting with no details.


  • Fighting reported here: Al-Hiraak-Al-Sooraan Road, Lesser Al-Diwaaya, Khirbat Maamaa, San’ Al-Hammaam, Al-Zubayra, West of Al-Sayaasina House, North of Al-‘Umari Mosque, Al-Taaf, Sath Al-Zannaan, Al-Sindiyaana-Simleen Road, Al-Khaleel Mosque, Post Office, Al-Nu’ayma at “City Center”, Al-Musayka, South Al-Khawaabi.


Al-Seeba Quarter: A tunnel west of Al-Karak Quarter was uncovered filled with live terrorists. They were asked to surrender, but, got cocky with the resident SAA tunnel terrorist and he ordered the whole thing blown up.  Neat way to bury terrorists.  No muss, no fuss.  No names.






Guest sends this fine article about Obama’s need to rethink his foreign policy regarding Syria:

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