بينهم قطريون وأردنيون وسعوديون.. مقتل 40 إرهابياً في ريف القنيطرة

This bearded psycho-killer belonged to Nusra and is seen here smiling as Beelzebub introduces him to his 72 Virginians.  This criminal came from Jordan.



`Ufaaniyaa:   We reported 241 dead terrorists yesterday between the towns of Qunaytra and Al-Rankoos.  What we did not know was that the SAA killed 47 at the town of `Ufaaniyaa near Qunaytra.  They too were all from Qatar, Saudia and Jordan.



Jiftillik Village at Haaj Hammood Farms in the Jisr Al-Shughoor area:  The SAA killed 9 terrorists who belonged to the risibly-named “Liwaa` Dhi`aab Al-Ghaab” (“Brigade of the Ghaab Valley Wolves”. Yawn)  A Hellfire cannon was also destroyed and some light weapons seized.


Al-Shughr Village: 11 terrorists killed by NDF and SAA here.  All were foreigners from Al-Nusra.


Fighting reported here: Kareema Hill, Mantaf, Marj ‘Uyyaan, Umm Al-Ghaar, Al-Jaanoodiyya.


Ayn Al-Sawdaa: 

SAA clashed with a pack of killers belonging to Nusra and killed all 16.  The terrorists left behind over 20 light weapons and grenades which will be used to further strengthen the NDF:

  • Muhammad Al-Jazamaati
  • Firaas Haatoon
  • ‘Abdul-Jabbaar Sa’ada

The rest were foreigners from Chechnya and Turkey.



Some members of my wife’s family are leaving for Latakia, like many Aleppans, taking with them fathers and mothers who are suffering the ills of medicinal deprivation.  My brother-in-law is finally able to travel safely through south Aleppo to Latakia Province where he will settle temporarily in Slinfeh.  He is welcome to use our home there if he chooses, but, it appears he is going to take an apartment owned by my wife’s brother, Lt. Antoine Dhaaher (ret).  We are delighted they are leaving the harsh heat of Aleppo for the cooler climes of the coastal mountains.

Fighting still intense all over these areas:

  • Al-Jubayla, Daarat ‘Izza, Qasr Al-Malaadhi, Al-Mansoora, Kafr Sagheer, Ma’aarat Al-Arteeq, Qinnassreen, Muyassara, Qaadhi ‘Askar, Bayaanoon, Bustaan Al-Qassr, Al-Sh’aar Quarter, Layramoon, Maryamayn, ‘Ibteen, ‘Azzaan, Tal Jabeen, Maare’, Al-Indhaaraat, South Al-Wudhayhi, Al-Burayj, Al-‘Uwayja, Handaraat, Bilaas, Bani Zayd, Al-Zabadiyya, Turaab Hulluk, Al-Jandool, Kafr Hamraa, ‘Anadaan, Al-Ataareb, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, ‘Azeeza, Hanaanu, Al-Zaaraat, Icarda, A’zaaz, Huraytaan, Dayr Jamaal, Sameeriyya Village, Tal Rif’aat, Old City.



Keeseen Bay: Skirmishing with no details.


‘Izzeddeen Village in Al-Rastan: 3 terrorists killed after blackmailing a townsman who called the MoI.  A unit of the NDF arrived and clashed with the criminals.


‘Aqrab Village in Hoola:  Skirmish with no details.


Al-Hamraa Village: Ditto.


Skirmishing in these areas: Al-Tayyiba, Al-Sawwaana, Jabbooreen/Kafr-Naan, Al-Shindaakhiyya, Umm Sharshooh, Umm Sahreej.




Abu-Al-Sanaasil Village:  A bulldozer and 2 flatbeds with 2 23mm machine gun cannons were destroyed and 7 criminals sent to Hell.  Another 11 surrendered and are negotiating an amnesty agreement.



استهداف أوكار الإرهابيين وتجمعاتهم وإيقاع عدد من القتلى في ريفي حلب وإدلب



Great documentary from Captain Corto on the Jihadist cockroaches who die miserably in Syria. Listen to this British idiot try to figure out a word to describe Jihad:

Malaysians are despicable and ignorant as Muslims. If you meet a Malaysian, do not allow him to use the word “God”:

For those who believe Erdoghan, see and read this:

We are calling on Dr. Assad to begin bombing Turkey’s dams on the Euphrates:

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