Those of you of have been following the maps presented by Leith, Fadi and Chevi might have noticed how the northern prongs of the pincer have been edging closer and closer towards the culmination of Operation Canopus Star (‘Amaliyyat Al-Suhayl) .  Moreover, the SAA has now taken the battled to the fringes of Aleppo Province, to A’zaaz itself, so don’t be surprised if in the next few weeks you start hearing about the assault on ‘Anadaan and the breaking of the siege at Nibbul and Al-Zahraa`.  Of interest to readers is the situation in ‘Anadaan where terrorists are quietly surrendering to security forces and slowly reducing the number of enemy vermin.

Bani Zayd:  SAA artillery pounded a book building which was followed by infantry assault.  Estimated number of dead terrorists at 12-15.  I have no further details.


Hanaanu:  Fighting with Nusra groups unwilling to withdraw and committed to dying in this abandoned area of dilapidated buildings.  No problem.  It’s a matter of a few days more.


Kafr Hamra:  An attack by SAAF hit its mark in a building infested with newly-recruited ISIS jackals.  The building warehoused weapons stolen from fellow Nusra terrorists.  The number of dead is difficult to determine because of the rubble and the danger of exposing personnel to snipers.  Wael says that the number is over 30, but there is not confirmation.


  • Fighting raging in all these areas: Taadef, Kuwayris, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Shaykh Sa’eed, Ba’eedeen (a pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed), Huraytaan, Qaadhi ‘Askar, Al-Taamoora, Al-Mallaah Farms, ‘Ibteen, Al-Haadher, Tal Jabeen, Al-Kallaasa, Bustaan Al-Qassr, Ma’aarrat Al-Arteeq, Al-Haydariyya, Hayyaan, Castillo, Handaraat, ‘Anadaan, Maari’, Al-Ataareb, A’zaaz, Baabeess, Al-Shuwayhana.


DER’AH:  Not much going on with all the silly talk about the Great Invisible Southern Front (yawn).


Tal Al-Jaabiya:  Fighting with no details.


Al-Nu’ayma south of the “Soda Beverage Factory”:  2 terrorists trying to steal a case of orange soda were stopped cold in their tracks by guards.  No names.


Jubayb:  Skirmish with no details.


Al-Mulayha in the area of the Water Reservoir in Der’ah City in the Al-Arba’een Neighborhood.  Nothing but a small skirmish with depressed terrorists.  4 killed and 9 taken prisoner.  That’s all folks.


NOTE TO READERS:  I will be out of town from Thursday to Saturday and won’t be posting until either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.  This is a necessary trip.  Good news from Iraq: The Iraqi Army has restored order to the Bayji Oil Refinery.  Things are going to get better soon in Iraq.




Didn’t I warn you all about the propaganda that’s going to be coming out over the Iraq conflict?  Well, get a load of this one:

Remember what I told you about the replay of the Syrian scenario?  Look at this one now and remember how the Arabian apes pulled out their “diplomatic staff” from Damascus:


And now the fakers at HRW join in just as they joined in over Syria.  Here, it’s the PKK:


Iraqis in the U.K. are very aware of the BBC’s agenda.  Look at this:

Michael in Strasbourg sends this fascinating revelation about the genetic origins of Jews:


WILE E. COYOTE MOMENT: (Thanks, John Esq.)

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