The Iraqi government has wasted no time asserting its air supremacy by purchasing close to 90 Sukhoi-25 Fencers multi-role bombers from the Russian Federation and Belarus.  But who is going to pilot the jets?  Enter 400 retired Syrian Air Force pilots trained to fly Sukhois who will complement a few Iranians.  SyrPer has learned that the Iraqi government is paying top dollar for these experienced pilots whose role will be to provide air cover for advancing Iraqi army forces and devastating fire power against the hordes of U.S.-sponsored, -funded and -trained ISIS terrorists infesting brotherly Iraq.  I have been informed that even active-duty Syrian pilots will be involved in orienting the retired officers to the topography and geography of Iraq.

Don’t believe any story about U.S. drones flying in Iraqi air space to provide Intel for the Iraqi armed forces.  The Syrian government has already warned Mr. Al-Maliki that those drones will be used to improve the military position of ISIS before any useful information will be forwarded to Iraqi Army HQ.

We have no details about how much Iraq is paying for its new pilots, but, it must be quite a sum and the obligations are extremely urgent and important.

The U.S., tied to its bankrupt relationship with the Zionist Khazar Apartheid Entity, is unable to play anything but a negative role in the evolution of this attack on the sovereignty and dignity of the Iraqi Republic.

We at SyrPer are proud to know that experienced Syrian pilots are dominating the air over the Land of the Two Great Rivers and that their role will be decisive in blunting the effects of the NATO re-invasion of independent, sovereign Iraq.


Here are the reports coming in from these areas:




Abu Hawaadeed in the rural east: Fighting on a small scale.


Umm Sahreej: Ditto.


Al-Khurayja, Al-Naasiriyya (Hoola), Kafr Laahaa (Hoola), Umm Sharshooh (a flatbed with 23mm destroyed).


HOMS CITY:  Another 64 former terrorists are granted settlement of their situation pursuant to the Amnesty Decree.



Fighting here: Ma’ar-Zaaf, Bizza Farms, Kafr Laataa, Ma’ar-Baleet, Nahla, Binnish and the Bikfaloon Wall.  No details. Number of mercenary terrorists reduced considerably.



Inkhil-Simleen Road: A convoy of trucks laden with weapons arriving from Jordan was destroyed by SAAF followed by SAA infantry.  No details available.


North Inkhil:  At the Water Tower, a pack of scavenger mercenaries was destroyed by the SAA.  Of the 16 killed, only these were identified:

Mustafaa Qaashaat

Adham Jawhar


Itmaan-Tafass Road: Fighting with no details.


West ‘Itmaan: Attempted infiltration from the area of the stone quarries resulted in 5 dead terrorists of Nusra.


Southeast Wardaat:  Skirmishing with no details.


Al-Nu’ayma:  East of the “Center”, the SAA uncovered a 300 meter-long tunnel complete with weapons and ammunition that was turned over to NDF and ANG for use in killing Saudis.


Simleen west of the water reservoir:  Fighting with no details.


North Bayt Al-Jamal in the ‘Itmaan area:   Ditto.


Al-Hiraak:  Another foolhardy attempted encroachment on an SAA outpost was shut out and shut down with 10 confirmed dead terrorists still dotting the landscape.   No names.


East Muhijja:  Fighting with no details.


Zimreen: Ditto.


Der’ah City:  An attempted infiltration from the Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque east to the military checkpoint resulted in the entire pack of criminals being eliminated and a heavy machine gun siezed.  No names.



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