Sovereign Syrian Land Stolen: We Won’t Have It!

The occupied Golan Heights:


Syria is still technically at war with Israel. The main cause being the illegal Zionist occupation of the Golan Heights after the Arab-Israeli wars in 1948, 1967 and 1973. This occupation is condemned by most countries worldwide yet the Zionist NDF soldiers are still stationed in the area. Over 1000 insurgents have received treatment at Israeli hospitals since June of 2011. Furthermore Israel has bombed military targets inside Syria four times during the conflict. And don’t forget that 20 UN Peace Observers were abducted by Zionist supported terrorists in the Golan. Here is a pictured of an injured FSA fighter wearing a stolen UN vest.


FSA fighter in UN vest
See the full video here:

If Israel was to hand over the Golan and grant Palestine an independent state – then we could discuss a peace treaty. If not, hopefully the eagles of the SAF will deliver a message to the Zionist settlers once all for all after the proxy war in Syria is over. Golan is Syrian land.

The stolen Liwa Iskanderoun (Hatay) province:

The legitimacy over this governorate remains disputed. History tells us that Iskenderoun was annexed by Turkey from Syria in 1938. But the referendum was phoney and rigged. The Turkish military dispelled the Alawites and Armenians and proceeded to import Turkish loyalist Sunnis from the Ottoman heartland for the election. There was even reported extensive fraud with the votes despite the change of demographics in favor of the Turks.


Stolen land


As of the 29th of November 1939 the province changed its name to Hatay. This is especially disgusting when considering that the attack on Kessab happened through the Iskenderun governorate with direct support from the Turkish military. The Turks even shot down a Syrian jet near the border yet within Syrian airspace. Maybe Syria should consider annexing the tomb of Suleyman Shah in retaliation.


Kurdistan within Syrian land?

Assad helped the PKK in their struggle against Turkey[1]. The President gave Syrian passports to the Kurds of Hasakah and largely granted autonomy to the Kurdish regions of Syria. And yet tensions have been on the rise between the Kurdish militia YPG (closely affiliated with PKK) and SAA. A document even emerged suggesting a possible alliance between FSA and YPG in the province of Aleppo as depicted below:


 Another picture shows a Kurdish militia tearing up votes a few days ago:

Kurds brah

Other reports mention skirmishes between government troops and Kurdish militias in Qamishli and Hasakah. The Kurds seem oblivious to what they are bringing upon themselves. Have they forgotten how the 2004 Qamishli riots were crushed? Do they really believe that they will have better chances of independence within a Wahhabi caliphate? The Kurds must come to their senses and act rationally and pragmatic. They should align themselves with government forces in the battle against ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.


Syria shall remain united

With a rise in sectarian tensions some “experts” have suggested the establishment of states based on religious or tribal affiliation. Can you imagine Syria looking like this again?

I say no


I say no. We will never surrender sovereign Syrian land. Syria is Syria and shall remain as such.



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