Lt. General, Fahd Jaassem Al-Furayj

Lt. General, Fahd Jaassem Al-Furayj, Defense Minister and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Armed Forces, (to the left) and Lt. General ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoub, Chief of the Syrian General Staff, (center) vote in the presidential elections.


Happy 40th birthday to Dudley DoRight and twin brother.




Al-Hiffa:  (Var: Al-Haffeh)

This important Sunni town in the middle of a largely minoritarian area defied the merchants of hatred and remained loyal to the state. Yesterday, that loyalty was proven amidst election hoopla all over the mountains:  An infiltration of terrorists from the area of Birimsa Valley was discovered by citizens of Al-Hiffa and reported to the army.  There is a helicopter base near the town and Hind helicopters gunships were called in to decimate the pack of 48 terrorists.  They were all foreigners: Saudis, Turks, Chechens and some Afghans.  All died.  This event is only important because it marks the first time the terrorists have snuck in this deep into this area which contains one of the world’s most beautiful citadels: The Citadel of Saladin which you can see on the map to the east of the town.  My wife’s ancestral village, Slinfeh, is also only 20 minutes to the east.


Saaqiyat Al-Kirt:  7 terrorists vaporized here as they tried to find a safe house.  No such luck.  All were foreign.  All their missile launchers were seized and delivered to our NDF for use in killing Erdoghani Turks.


Al-Furulluq Sanctuary:  SAA killed 5 terrorists and took 11 prisoners in hilariously inept Turk operation that landed the pack inside a topographic cul de sac.  SAA recovered 2 artillery pieces, launchers, 1 flatbed with 23mm cannon.  No names.



A warehouse filled with Turk-supplied and American-made arms and ammo was confiscated and contents turned over to NDF for killing Saudis.  Also, 2 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed and 1 flatbed with launcher and missiles was taken whole.  Wael reports 6 dead terrorists and 21 taken prisoner.  Laugh-inducing.


Al-Khadhra Village:  5 terrorists died here surrounded by a mortar, 2 pickups with 23mm cannons and a whole arsenal of homemade rockets which our NDF will find useful in killing Chechens.


Bayt ‘Awwaan:  4 terrorists died here.  They were caught in a trap set by NDF and security.  There van was seized and useful ammunition was recovered for use in killing Afghans.


‘Araafeed:  Helicopters swooped down on a convoy of hyenas and turned their little flatbeds into Dadaistic works of art:

  • Majd Al-Badawi
  • Qaassem Ilbish
  • Hassan Al-Nayyaal
  • ‘Umar ‘Atiyya
  • Sulaymaan Haddaad
  • Nazeeh Mudawwar

The last one was not identified and appeared to be a Turk.



Umm Sharshooh:  An attempted encroachment from Al-Rastan and Talbeesa was thwarted with over 19 terrorists confirmed killed by the SAA.

  • ‘Abdul-‘Azeez ‘Alwaan
  • Khudhr Al-Waawi

Another 4 were not named. 

Daar Al-Kabeera: An attempted terrorist move toward Al-Duwayr was squelched.  4 terrorists killed.  A van filled with ammunition was recovered and marked for use in killing French terrorist terrorists.


Al-Ghantu:  A van whose suspension system indicated an inordinately heavy load was stopped.  When it appeared that the van was carrying enough ordnance to blow up Xanadu,  Hearst’s Castle, the driver was arrested.



Tal Al-Salaasil:  A gaggle of goons was put to death here after they started firing on an SAA truck ferrying troops.  The soldiers jumped out and fired back.  No details.


  • Fighting reported here:  Al-Qaryatayn, Mahassa, Tafha, Keeseen Bay, Al-Rastan at the Al-Mahmoud Mosque, Burj Qaa’iy, Kafr Laahaa, Al-Naasiriyya, West Salaam, Ruhoom Village, Mannookh.




Abreeha:  The Nusra terrorist organization took over this town from ISIS. Reports are that 60 terrorists were killed in the clash.



تدمير أسلحة ثقيلة ومدفع هاون ومقتل 12 إرهابياً بعملية مركزة في داريا

 Saylawaan Town:  Foreigners and Arabian slugs were on the menu for the SAA today.  A mortar and “Hellfire Cannon” were seized along with a whopping 9 flatbeds with 23mm cannons.  The number dead is over 70 but, because of the security for elections,  Wael is having a hard time connecting with sources and we have no names.  This was a real rout.

Sirmeen:  A C&C nest belonging to Jund Al-Shaam and Jund Al-Aqsaa was both invaded and destroyed.  A truck loaded with homemade missiles was seized.  6 terrorists of Jund Al-Aqsaa were killed, all Chechens and their pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed.

Ibraaheem Faysal Jalaal (Leader, and only positively identified terrorist)


  • Fighting here:  Jabal Al-Arba’een area, Al-Badriyya, Khirbat Maardeen, Binnish, Bikfaloon, Saraaqeb, Qumaynaas Farms, North Conserva, Kafr Laataa, Kooreen. 





A concatenation of operations has nearly strangled the terrorists here as they try to scurry between one dilapidated building and another.  Near the Al-Rahmaan Mosque, the SAA killed 12 terrorists and took 4 prisoner.  Weapons and ammunition were seized and delivered to NDF for killing Jordanian Salafists.


Foothills of Al-Mushrifa:  On the Lebanese border.  Skirmish.


Al-Maleeha:  Fighting intensifying in the north of this quarter and south of Jisreen Town and at Al-Nishabiyya.  Reports of substantial terrorist losses in an area about to be declared Ratten-rein.


  • Fighting here:  Dayr Al-‘Assaafeer, Zibdeen, Zamaalka, ‘Irbeen, East Jawbar (weapons and ammo seized), ‘Ayn Al-Baydha (C&C center), Al-Kiswa at the Al-Thawra Farms.








Massive support for Assad:


Interesting take from NSNBC on Chapter VII sanctions:


Laugh your heads off at this Neo-Con orchestrated Sour Grapes session with international hypocrite virago Amanpour and Loser of the Year Alumnus, Robert Ford. I’m still laughing at his ridiculous statements. I can’t stop:

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