Jawbar:  I just received a telephone call from a reliable source who promised to stay in touch with me at least once per week.  I have not given him a name yet because I don’t know if he will follow through.  In any case, he and Monzer both have reported that the SAA is now massing forces all around the area of Jawbar and that a full-frontal assault is imminent.  It is apparent that MI has complete assessment of the situation there and all terrorists inside are known as to identity and location.  Furthermore, the suburb has been essentially depopulated in the areas of the imminent attack.  There will be much destruction to already destroyed buildings and infrastructure.

At the Fateena Tower and the Teachers’ Tower, the SAA assaulted 2 separate packs of terrorists belonging to the Nusra group affiliated with Alqaeda.  These were the only Syrians listed:

  • Sajee’ Qatraba
  • Naayel ‘Abdul-`Aati
  • Waleed Abu-Al-Hasanaat
  • Muhammad Koozaa
  • ‘Aatef Sayfuddeen

Rukneddeen Quarter: The SAA’s crack engineers dismantled an IED installed in a Mercedes vehicle parked on Bernier Street

إبطال مفعول عبوة ناسفة ألصقها إرهابيون بسيارة في شارع برنيه بحي ركن الدين

Al-Maleeha – Jisreen Axis extending to Tamico Pharmaceutical Complex in the north of the suburb, the SAA killed all these yesterday:

  • Raadhi Mahmoud Khalaf
  • “Abu Al-Yamaan” (Id pending. Nusra leader)
  • Muhammad Sulaylu
  • ‘Ali Sharakaawi
  • Taareq Abu-Yassaar
  • Faheem Al-Mubajjal
  • Muhammad Dhab’aan
  • Waleed Tayfoor

Another 11 were not identified and are believed to be foreigners from North Africa.

Al-Nishaabiyya Farms in the Eastern Ghouta:  Heavy fighting aimed at eradicating the last vestige of the criminal insects infesting this area.  We predict total victory in 2 weeks.

Al-Shifooniyya (Chiffoniere) in Doumaa:  Weapons and ammunition were seized from a pack of terrorists who surrendered themselves after realizing they were doomed.  The weapons were light assault rifles and LAO rockets made in the Zionist Settler State.

Tal-Kurdi:  More weapons and ammunition discovered underground when infantrymen were alerted by citizens to some suspicious activity over the last few weeks.  The ammunition found was stashed in barrels made for olives and the light weapons were enveloped in clear plastic bags and stored in wooden boxes.

TARTOUS:  Never much action here, but, 19 former cockroaches made their peace with the government and were granted full amnesty yesterday.  The photo below is a file photo.



Here’s some old news I didn’t report about 3 days ago and some brand new stuff that just came in.

Dayr El-Zor City:  ISIS killed a major leader of the Majlis Al-Mujaahideen, a franchise of Nusra, on June 11, 2014 causing the Nusra terrorists to leave the small quarter which they occupied.  According to reports filed, 120+ terrorists of Nusra were part of the redeployment.

Khushaam VillageNusra leader, Abu Faysal Al-Shar’iy, and 45 of his verminous companions went to their eternal toilets in Hell on June 10, 2014 in this lazy town after a fight with ISIS.

Al-Soor Village to the south:  ISIS terrorists killed 28 terrorists belonging to Al-Kataa`eb Al-Islaamiyya and 17 belonging to Nusra is a pitched battle.  No states on ISIS losses.  The only terrorist identified:

“Mahdi Abu-Al-Abyadh” (a/k/a “Al-Dhi`b Al-Leebi, the “Libyan Wolf”. Yawn. LIBYAN COYOTE DROPPING)

Mayaadeen:  Big explosion kills 38 terrorists with nebulous results.  It is not clear how the explosion took place.  15 civilians reportedly killed also.

West Dayr El-Zor at Al-Shumaytiyya yesterday:  A car exploded killing these Nusra freaks of nature:

  • Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Shaami (Leader of Ahraar Al-Shaam)
  • Abu Muhammad Al-Homsi (A so-called Judge. Oh, yawn. He belonged to the Al-Hay`ah Al-Shar’iyya)
  • Ibraaheem Al-Kharfaan

تدمير أوكار فيها صنوف من الأسلحة والذخيرة المتنوعة على محور المليحة جسرين

Syrian soldiers looking for body parts of terrorists in Dayr El-Zor.



Interesting analysis of American blundering:

It’s Psaki “tee hee hee” time again:

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