Doumaa at Al-‘Aaliya Farms:  SAA ground the terrorists into so much cat food, especially, those vermin in a group called “Shabaab Al-Hudaa” (Rightly Guided Youth. Oh, please!):

  • Maaher ‘Uyoon
  • Mahmoud ‘Abdul-Baaqi
  • Muhyi-Al-Deen Sutoot

Another 4 could not be identified.


Doumaa at Al-‘Ibb Farms: More from Kataa`eb Shabaab Al-Hudaa who are now almost extinct:

  • Waleed Tafoor
  • Diyaab Ja’far
  • ‘Abdul-Jaleel Al-Rassaam
  • ‘Ubayda Kareem

Another 7 could not be identified.


Karm Al-Rassaass:  Fighting with no details.



Deep in the East Ghoutaa.  The SAA annihilated an entire group of creeping predators by firing on their southern flank, forcing them to retreat straight into a perfectly laid ambush set by infantry.  A real terrorist-shoot:


  • Zhaafer Al-Hindi
  • Faarooq Samhaat
  • Khaaled Al-Zuhri
  • Qaassem ‘Abdul-Haadi
  • ‘Adnaan Al-Shaykh
  • ‘Ali Baakoom
  • Ahmad Haydar


Another 21 were deemed to be foreigners, mostly Jordanian, Libyan and Saudi terrorists.


Al-Maleha Farms:  A pickup with a 23mm cannons was destroyed and all terrorists aboard killed.  They belonged to the Faylaq Al-Rahmaan (The Huge Army Corps of Allah the Merciful! Yawn) and the very vincible and extinct Kataa`eb Shabaab Al-Hudaa.  I have no names.



MAJOR ADVANCE REPORTED IN THE EAST AS SUPPLY LINES TO TERRORISTS DRY UP.  I have received no details about the fighting here although it’s been described as intense.  Terrorists running out of ammo with no hope of getting any. Expect some big obituaries, my friends.



SAA killed these remnant terrorists of the Nusra group and quickly threw them into the backs of trucks:


  • Jalaal Al-Taweel
  • Ayman Al-Ahmad
  • Jihaad Hamaada
  • Taaher Iswaaraa



Khaan Al-Shaykh on Al-Qusoor Street.  A pickup with 23mm cannon seized and delivered to NDF.  They too were members of this lemming-like “Kataa`eb Shabaab Al-Hudaa”.  No names sent.


Al-Ruhayba area in northeast Damascus:  SAA confirmed killing 5 terrorists and taking 11 prisoners. These vermin belonged to a group called “’Asaaker Allah” (Soldiers of Allah, yawn). Sort of makes you want to sing that old hymn: “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching as to War”:

  • Blaal Safwaan
  • Ghaanem Ghaanem
  • Faadi Al-Halabi
  • Muhammad ‘Abdullah
  • Jihaad Al-Madani


Jurood (foothills) Qaarra:  On the border with Lebanon.  9 killed by SAAF in direct and perfect airstrike.  No names.


Daarayyaa and Jawbar: Clean-up goes on with no details.




MILOSH sends this laugh-a-minute jeremiad by ousted terrorist fink and trash purveyor Robert Ford. Don’t read this while eating your breakfast:

Analysis of the situation in Iraqi Mosul raises interesting questions:

If you want to really see how nuts Erdoghan has become, you’ve gotta read this one:

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