مقتل عدد من الإرهابيين في الليرمون ومحيط السجن المركزي في حلب

Icarda Farms:  SAA hunted down 4 terrorists in a pack and killed them all.  They were Nusra members and are now luxuriating in their private Presto cooker with 72 Virginians.

Al-`Ays:  Fighting with no details.

Al-Haadher: Ditto.


Maps presented by SyrPer of Aleppo clearly show a pincer action in the north that will surround the critical area of ‘Anadaan where hundreds, if not thousands, of terrorists are huddled for their Masada.  It is only a matter of a few weeks before the generals give the order to mount a full attack.

Here are news areas to which the terrorists are trying to redeploy to avoid the mounting SAA offensive called Operation Canopus Star:

  • Karm Al-Qaaterji
  • Jabal Sam’aan
  • Al-Zirbaa Village
  • Kafr-Kaar
  • Ma’arrat Al-Na’saan (A sleepy hamlet)
  • Kafr Sagheer
  • Banaan

Al-Raamoosa:  An attempted infiltration into the Municipal Administrative Offices was blunted first by alert guards and then by the SAA:

  • Khaleel Al-‘Attaar
  • ‘Umar Hassanzaad
  • Idrees ‘Abdul-Haleem Al-Shurafaa`
  • Faadi Al-Hallaaq
  • Mahdi Farha
  • ‘Eid Al-Hajjooj

Another 2 could not be identified.


  • Fighting intense here:  Taadef, Al-Taamoora, ‘Ibteen, Maayer, Hanaanu, Huraytaan, Al-Wudhayhi,  Old City, Ba’eedeen Roundabout.

Kuwayris near the airbase:  A pickup with a 23mm cannon was destroyed and 3 terrorists killed.

Al-Haydariyya:  A pickup mounted with a 23mm cannon and a van loaded with terrorists and weapons were both destroyed.  According to Wael, 4 terrorists were killed and the rest wounded. No other details available.



The people at Global Research have got it right about NATO and these savages. Disturbing photos here:




WILE E. COYOTE MOMENT: (Thanks, Dudley)  “Trebuchet anyone? How about catapult?”


Watch how coyotes get their tails ruffled at night: (Thanks, Dudley)

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