مقتل أحد متزعمي

Al-Rubay’ah at the Turkish border:  The SAA killed 11 Nusra terrorists here in an ambush into which the enemy all too easily fell thanks to idiotic false intelligence from their Turkish minders:

  • As’ad Zurayq (a/k/a “Abu Al-Layth Al-Jablaawi, indicating origins in the coastal suburb of Latakia City. A “leader”)
  • Ahmad Balsha (a/k/a “Abu Mus’ab” yawn)
  • Badreddeen Al-Hoori
  • Ahmad Al-Sooss (A so-called explosives expert)

Along with these carcasses, there were 7 others who could not be identified.

They were carrying 2 mortars which were seized and delivered to our NDF, locally-manufactured rockets, a pickup with a 23mm cannon and one British-provided armored vehicle)



Saaqiyat Al-Kirt:

More bungling by U.S.-supported terrorists as they tried to set up mortar positions right under the eye of the SAA:

  • Taaher Mustafaa
  • Kaarem Al-‘Assaal
  • ‘Abbood Al-Ajdhab

Another 5 could not be identified and appear to be Turcomans and Chechens.


Dayr Hannaa:  7 murdering cannibals belonging to the Nusra pack were dispatched in total by a perfectly placed artillery round.  No names.  All foreign.


Kitf Al-Rummaan:  A van with explosives was destroyed and the entire affair went BOOM!  Bodies were dismembered and no identification could be made.


Al-Qasab:  3 flatbeds with 3 23mm cannons were stopped, their occupants killed or wounded, and all salvageable equipment turned over to the NDF and ANG.  Of interest to the U.K. reader is the fact that there were also 6 vehicles made in Britain which were fitted with armor.  11 dead and 3 taken prisoner


Al-Mu’aytima:  A warehouse flush with mortars, locally-manufactured rockets and one vehicle fitted with armor was discovered and its inhabitants, 2 Tunisians, killed.  The names have not been revealed, yet.



SyrPer can now say with absolute certainty that the capital is off limits to the terrorists as of today. It is impossible for them to threaten the capital in any way, shape or form other than some random mortar shells dropped indifferently on the innocent citizenry.

URGENT – JUST IN:  The SAA has killed 12 terrorists and wounded another 23 in a spectacular operation targeting a concentration of the enemy mercenaries at Khaan Al-Shaykh in the southern Damascene countryside.  No names available yet.  Crushing blow.

LEBANESE BORDER:  At the towns of ‘Ayn Durra Foothills, ‘Assaal Al-Ward and Qaarra, the SAA and SAAF struck hard at remaining terrorist positions weakening further any hold they might have had here.  No rat-stats.


North Al-Maleeha:

A pack of murdering Obama-supported cannibals were flushed out yesterday by a unit of SAA infantry as they hid inside a building on the edge of the town.  7 enemy mercenary rodents killed:

  • ‘Abdul-Kareem Taraawina
  • Nassr ‘Awwaad
  • ‘Arfaan Jadloon

The others were not identified.


North Al-Maleeha:  At the Factory Complex, a warehouse was invaded rudely by SAA and NDF.  Weapons and ammunition were confiscated and immediately turned over to NDF for use in killing Wahhabists:

  • ‘Alaa` Sabbooh
  • ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Qaseeda
  • Ma’roof Al-Saafi
  • Sadeer Al-Hakeem


Baseema Village:  At the ‘Andaleeb Association in Waadi Baradaa, 9 mercenary hyenas were killed by NDF and 2 taken prisoner.  Their weapons and ammunition which included Zionist communication equipment were seized.  No names.


Al-Zabadaani:  At Al-Maydaani Street, 3 mercenaries trained in the Zionist Ghetto State were killed.  Get this: they wre killed by former members of the FSA who joined the NDF under the Amnesty Program.  Not bad.  No names.


Daarayyaa to the southwest:  Near the Sukayna Shrine, a tunnel 4 meters deep was uncovered.  That was the good news. The other good news is that there were 8 terrorists inside who were given the option of either surrendering or being buried alive.  The mostly North African-sounding mercenaries took the latter route and are now being dug up indifferently by security personnel and NDF.  So sad, really.



Dudley sends this somewhat detailed article about ISIS that might have some of you scratching your heads.  Interesting and worth reading.  That he does not mention Al-Douri is befuddling since the alliance was announced formally:


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