The M5 Highway: The Last Hope for the Syrian Opposition

The Damascus-Aleppo International Highway – better known as the M5 – is one of Syria’s largest highways that links two of the most densely populated provinces: Damascus and Aleppo. The highway plays an integral role in this war due its geographical location, as it is situated in the heart if Syria. Unfortunately for the terrorists, the M5 is their last opportunity to obstruct the SAA’s methodical offensive in Aleppo. 


The Syrian Opposition supporters are feeling optimistic about their victory at Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib; however, they are missing an imperative piece of this equation – Morek. The SAA is advancing at Morek and the continued offensives in south Aleppo and northeast Latakia only tightens the noose around the Opposition’s neck. If the SAA captures Morek, then all roads lead to Khan Sheikhoun – the terrorist’s “Battle of the Ardennes Forest“. History does not favor the terrorists in this case because just like the depleted German Army in the Winter of 1945; it’s either win the battle or lose the war. 

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Why do the terrorists lose the war if the SAA captures Khan Sheikhoun and Morek? It is simple: Idlib is the terrorists last hope at maintaining a military presence in Syria. See, Aleppo is going to be liberated; it’s not a question of “if” anymore. The question we should be asking ourselves is “when”. The SAA will solidify Aleppo’s safety and victory with the liberation of the M5. The M5 is the answer to our question.


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