The Zionist Racist Bigot Foreign Minister of the equally bigoted Zionist Apartheid State, Evet Lvovich Liberman (a/k/a Avigdor Lieberman) has urged his government to invade Gaza in what promises to be a real slaughter-fest for the bloodthirsty criminals of this so-called JudenRattenStaat.  Nothing could be more satisfying than the sight of Zionist sociopaths clashing with the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas group in Gaza where both can kill each other to the immortal bars of “We’ll meet again, don’t know how, don’t know when, but, we’ll meet again some sunny day” sung so poignantly at the conclusion of Dr. Strangelove.

Gee, doesn’t Liberman look appropriate for the Levant what with those Khazar features and split incisors?  Did you people know his primary career objective when he was in his twenties was being a barroom bouncer?  This degenerate was also a follower of the illustrious, but very dead, Rabbi Meir Kahane of the ill-fated Kach Party. Kahane was actually assassinated by the Zionist government because his declarations were so repugnant that he threatened any good will the Ghetto State might have enjoyed in the West.  He was killed by an Egyptian who was duped into killing this hero of the Palestinian liberation movement.  Nobody could have done more to help the Palestinian cause than Kahane.  And don’t believe the Zionist narrative that his killer was a Al-Qaeda member.  He worked for the Mossad.


Here’s Martin David Kahane (a/k/a Meir Kahane) exhorting fellow Khazars to oppress Palestinians because they looked “too right” for the area they want to settle.  He wanted to flood Palestine with Brooklyn Jews.


Anyways, it looks like we are going to finally see the THIRD INTIFADHA which has been long in coming. It’s the only way really.  And once it starts, we have 50,000 soldiers in Lebanon trained to infiltrate the Zionist Settler State to wreak havoc, dismantle it and put its reign of terror to an end, once and for all.  Go Lieberman!


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