DAMASCUS:  Readers have been asking for weeks: “When will the SAA clear out Al-Maleeha?”  WELL, IT JUST HAPPENED ABOUT 8 HOURS AGO WHILE I WAS SLEEPING.  SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE IS CONFIDENT IN TELLING ITS READERS THAT THE LAST PACK OF VERMIN AT THE TAMICO PHARMACEUTICAL COMPLEX headed for the hills in the face of a massive artillery barrage followed by a sweeping action on the ground that shocked their systems irreparably.  Monzer says that the number of dead foreigners among the carcasses strewn all around north Al-Maleeha is around 70.  Some have been able to escape toward Zibdeen Farms but are being pursued with the intent of putting them out of commission forever.

Syrian Perspective predicts the total liberation of Jawbar within the next 72 hours as Republican Guard armored units have been cleared for a full frontal assault after the last RPG rocket has been used by the terrorists in the area.  Besides starvation, the NATO criminals are suffering from a deep sense of hopelessness since nobody can come to their aid and the Syrian Army is in no mood to take foreign prisoners.  As I write, the RG is attacking the oft-mentioned Teachers’ Tower where about 100 terrorists are holed up.  The SAAF could easily turn the area into rubble, but, the structures surrounding the tower are still salvageable and the cost is now the issue.

Misraabaa Village:  The citizens of this town refused to permit escaping terrorists to enter and commandeer granaries.  The citizens were armed and many were SAA reservists who knew how to shoot a rifle.  When the terrorist criminals insisted and began an attack on the southern perimeter, the citizens opened fire killing an undisclosed number of terrorists.  When the terrorists fired back, they killed one citizen while seriously injuring another.

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