The terrorist rats are now at their lowest level of morale since they first entered Aleppo two years ago.  Intercepted communications are now becoming repetitive:  “Send us more reinforcements.  No we can’t.  Hold on at all costs.”  And the dialogue of the deaf goes on and on.  In the meantime, propaganda rags like the Daily Star continue to prop up the devastated rats by rehashing lies spread by SOHR through the Rothschild lie factory, Reuters.  We read a report about a tunnel exploding under SAA soldiers killing 17 of them.  The report was from the no-source SOHR via Reuters.  It turned out that there really was a tunnel which exploded – but it was not under the SAA.  In fact, the story was made up.  In Handaraat Camp area, the SAA detonated a tunnel that was dug in the direction of the Central Prison.  The tunnel was never completed and was used instead for hiding rats and weapons.  It was exploded by the SAA killing an undisclosed number of vermin inside.  More lying from the rats of the Saudi zoo.

The battles are intensifying and reaching a crescendo as I write.  Keep your eyes on the Handaraat Camp and Layramoon because they are key to encircling this once vibrant industrial capital. Once the noose is tightened here, there can be no escape for the murdering Turk-supported plague-carrying skunks of the Wahhabist heresy.  Look at the map carefully:


Yesterday, Operation Canopus Star was at full throttle and the SAA throttled the huddled rats in every quarter of the city.


Ikhtaareen:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was blown into smithereens in a major operation to clear out all filth from this little hamlet:

  • Muhammad Al-Farraa
  • ‘Abdul-Jabbaar Daashwaali
  • ‘Ali Hallaaq

No other names.


Tal-Rif’aat:  2 pickups were targeted.  Wael writes that one was seized in usable condition.  8 rats killed in this operation.


Al-Bawwaabiyya:  More intense fighting.  This town is about to fall to the SAA as more rats are reported surrendering.


Al-Na’naa’iy:  5 rodents killed and 11 taken prisoner in various states of ill health.  Only one was Syrian, the rest were Turks and Chechens whose bodies will be incinerated, their ashes fed to the winds that blow to the Arabian apes:

  • Shukri Yaaseen


Tal Balaat Grain Silos:  NDF and SAA took down a pickup with 23mm cannon and killed all 3 aboard.  They were carrying false papers purloined from innocent Syrian refugees in Turkey.


Al-Layramoon:  The rats know its coming.  After a major advance 2 days ago capturing 2 blocks, the SAA is moving in for the kill.  If I had predicted the encirclement of Aleppo within a month, I’d be more on track.  Yesterday, SAA snipers and infantry killed 10 rats.  The carcasses remain on the ground since nobody has the guts to go out and collect them for cremation.  No names.


Tal-‘Alam:  Fighting with no details.


Khaan Al-‘Asal:  The end is near for the rats who once used this town to commit a Bandar-atrocity with chemical weapons.  Their role is now a matter of record and their end is already engraved on the walls.  SAA killed 4 yesterday with an unknown number of wounded.  Many direct hits but the area is still too dangerous to assess.


Al-Mansoora:  Fighting intense with no details.  Wael has a prediction about this town, but, I won’t publish it.


Hanaanu at the Youth Residencies:  Infrastructural concerns prevent and all-out assault here.  The terrorists are holed up in many apartments and have booby trapped entrances and cars.  They are starving, however, as their communications clearly tell.  They have no water.


Bani Zayd:  A part of the arc that will envelop Aleppo and strangle the remaining garbage.  SAA in charge here.  SAA killed 2 rats yesterday and wounded a number:

  • Muheeb Al-Saqqaal
  • Daawood ‘Amr


Fighting reported in all these areas: Al-Muyassar, Al-Raashideen 4th Block, Al-Ma’saraaniyya at Youth Housing, Sulaymaan Al-Halabi, Old City, Citadel area, Karm Al-Turaab, Al-Shaykh Lutfi, Kuroom ‘Azeeza, Al-Jazmaati, Al-Haadher, Al-Mallaah Properties.




Dary Haafer:  We can confirm the devastation of 32 rat vehicles in a convoy heading for Aleppo in an effort by the Saudi rodent-apes to resupply their dung-eating skunk rodents at Handaraat with weapons seized from the Iraqi army.  There were Mercedes trucks and over 8 pickups with 23mm cannons riding protection for the convoy.  It was a CATASTROPHE FOR THE APES OF ARABIA!!  I have implored Monzer to obtain photos of the scene from SANA and will display them as soon as we receive them.  There has been no assessment of the scene yet, but, the number of dead must be substantial.



Al-Marja:  Another convoy with 4 trucks and 2 pickups destroyed.  The effort to resupply is now characterized by typical Saudi ape mismanagement – so much haste, and so much waste.  Breaks our heart.  Bandar-buffoons.


Al-Zurba at the entryway:  Vague report from Wael of a SAA ambush with no details.



I reported a few days ago that my wife’s nephews have decided to stay in Aleppo instead of leaving for Slinfeh, in Latakia Province.  They changed their minds again because of health reasons and are now in Latakia enjoying the sunshine and pleasant environment.  They talked to my wife by Skype 2 days ago and indicated they were merely recuperating and have every intention of going back to restart their business in Shaykh Najjaar when the SAA finally exterminates the pests.  Their trip from Aleppo to the coast was remarkably uneventful.  ZAF



Extremely important article from Pat Buchanan.  Stop the world, I want to get off:

If you want to know about electronic attacks by Saudi-paid whores on SyrPer, see this report about SANA and its experience with these stinking Arabian apes and their propagandists:

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