مقتل 50 إرهابياً في منطقة الشيخ سعيد.. واستهداف أوكار لهم في ريف حلب

Even Alalam is reporting that the number of terrorists in Aleppo is down by 50%, at least, as many of the traitors and agents of Zionism have jumped ship after realizing this is not some Libyan campaign in the desert.  Promises from Western terrorism supporters like Obama and Hollande have come to mean nothing even if they delivered on some of them.  The SAA and its allies are too strong, and Dr. Assad’s popularity is now soaring.


Al-Shaykh Sa’eed:  Yesterday, the SAA with NDF and ANG forces backing it up, struck hard at a grouping of nests killing 58 of the terrorist rats, most of whom were non-Syrian.  These largely Chechen, Daghestaani, Afghan and Turk degenerates fought to the bitter end in the expectation they would be rewarded in Heaven for losing (What a God!) and, with that, the 72 Virginians promised to them.  This was a major setback that will dissuade more rodents from joining the hilarioiusly titled “Jihad”.  Oh, Plllllleaaassse.


Al-Ataarib:  For the second day in a row, the SAAF has devastated another convoy of Turk-supplies, Saudi-financed weaponry.  According to our sources, SAAF swooped down on the terrorist trucks and laid waste to all 11.  The trucks were tracked all the way from the A’zaaz area and were filmed coming in from Turkey with the presumed full knowledge of the Erdoghani rats.  No names.


Heavy fighting in all these areas for the 6th day in a row: Al-Haydariyya, Balaat, Al-Kaarfoor, Huraytaan, Handaraat, Al-Sameeriyya, Kafr Naahaa, West Icarda, Khawaabi Al-‘Asal, Al-Judayda, Free Trade Zone, Kafr Hamraa, Maare’, Al-Na’naa’iy, Al-Indhaaraat, Bustaan Al-Baashaa, Al-Shaykh Lutfi, Khaan Al-‘Asal, ‘Anjaara, Hayyaan, Jubb Al-Safaa, Al-Mansoora, Al-Zurba, Al-Sha’aar, Al-Shuqayf.




Majdooliyaa Town:  Another flop-shop attempted infiltration by inept monkeys of the Southern Front (yawn) Army led by Zionist agent and catamite, ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer Al-Nu’aymi, was annihilated with ease by super-well-trained troops of the Syrian Arab Army.  They were trying to get to the Kammooma Hospital in order to steal drugs and equipment to deprive Syrian citizens of medical care.  But all 18 were killed:


Hirsh Taranjaa:  Another woefully incompetent effort to penetrate SAA lines into Dhahr Al-Kassaar was a debacle:

  • Majdi ‘Abdullah Fahs
  • Muhammad Ajdhab  (Indeed, he was)
  • Rakaan Al-‘Aabid-Rabbuh

Another 6 could not be identified.


Al-Qahtaaniyya:  A nest of vermin was uncovered by MI and SAA dispatched to destroy it.  It was short order work:

  • Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Sab’
  • Hassan Al-Haaj-Hassan
  • ‘Adnaan Abu-Majeed
  • Shukri ‘Abdul-Ghaffaar
  • Muhammad Shahwa

Another 2 could not be identified.


Koodnaa Dam:  A car with 4 rodents went the route of the three blind mice when an NDF militiaman fired his RPG at the vehicle and roasted the filth inside. No names available.


Koodnaa Dam:  At the Burayqa Dam Farms, the SAA killed 3 terrorists, all trained by the Zionist cockroaches.  No names.


West Rasm Al-Aqra’: Another pickup with 23mm cannon was sent to Junkland, its 3 passengers on the Choo-Choo to SatanCity.


‘Ayn Al-Darb: Attempted encroachment into Nab’ Al-Sakhr was smashed.  No details.


Al-Hijja:  Another laugh-inducing infiltration to a checkpoint manned by professional SAA soldiers sent these weasels into the Presto Cooker of Hell:

  • Aktham Maqsood
  • Hussayn Al-Bakht
  • Muhammad Filaati


Al-Hijja Dam:  An attempted assault by sissified, dandyish degenerates of the FSA on the area of ‘Ayn Al-Baashaa was stomped out under SAA boots.  7 rodents went to Hell and another 3 are being treated for serious wounds.


Burayqa:  Another move to change locale to Rasm Al-Aqra’ was defeated.  All FSA were trained by the Zionists.


Bi’r ‘Ajam:  In the direction of ‘Ayn Al-Darb, 2 escaping rats were hunted down and brought back slung on the trunk of a Jeep.  Good hunting.


More fighting reported today at: Ufaaniyaa, Al-‘Ajraf Area, Abu Shattaa, Umm Baatina Road,     

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