26 more rats from the Jabhat Al-Islam and the Islamic Army of Zahraan ‘Alloosh (reportedly in ‘Aqaba, Jordan, taking in the sun):

  • ‘Abdul-Haafizh Muqbil
  • Faa`iz Ghabara
  • Anas Al-Najjaar

No others were named because they were foreigners.


Al-Nishaabiyya Farms:  SAA went ballistic here:

  • ‘Umar Maydaani
  • Ahmad Lutfallah
  • Muhammad Al-Barazi
  • Al-Sayyid Dughmaan
  • Muhammad Al-Sawmaylaat
  • Idrees Al-Maghribi
  • Muflih Al-Haffaar


Al-‘Ibb Farms in Doumaa:  Syrian Army continues to tighten the locks on these remnant vermin:

  • ‘Abdul-Qaader Al-Kahloos
  • Mukhtaar ‘Ujoom
  • Subhi Al-Samaadi

Another 11 were not identified.


Al-‘Aaliya Farms:  The noose is tightening even more here.  Monzer says there are no more than 100 left to kill:

  • Faysal Jamaali
  • Nibraas Al-Qaddoomi
  • Khaaled Al-Da’aas

No other names.


Al-Maleeha: Clean up continues in the northern farm near the Tamico Pharmaceutical Complex.  2 killed last night.


Waadi ‘Ayn Turma:  A nest of cannibals destroyed. No details.


Harastaa Farms east of the Police Infirmary: 1 rodent killed.


Jawbar:  4 terrorists near the Al-Mustafaa Mosque killed:

  • Wajdi Al-‘Umari
  • ‘Abdul-Majeed Bakri

The other 2 were not named.


Daarayyaa: Near the Daarayyaa Great Mosque, confirmed 21 terrorists felled in a lighting raid by SAA infantry. No names.


Manshiyyat Khaan Al-Shaykh: A raid killed 7 terrorists. No details, yet.


Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms:  An attempted infiltration to a military checkpoint was repulsed.  No details.


Qaarra and ‘Assaal Al-Ward: SAA continues hot pursuit of escaping criminal terrorists trying to infiltrate Lebanon.


Fighting also in Al-Husayniyya and Magharr Al-Meer.  No details.



Der’ah City: SAA in a new campaign to oust terrorism from the city fought terrorists here yesterday and today:

  • Al-Wahda School
  • Al-Masri Roundabout
  • Al-Urdun Mosque in Al-Manshiyya Quarter
  • Milk Depot in Al-Bajaabija Quarter
  • Old Customs Building
  • Art Institute
  • Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque
  • Media Arts Building
  • Umm Al-Daraj Water Reservoir
  • Waadi Al-Zaydi
  • SyriaTel Building area (16 rats killed)
  • Shoe Factory (Don’t ask me if it Florscheim!)


‘Itmaan in the West Neighborhood:  A nest of rats was destroyed and a cannon seized for use in killing Wahhabists.


‘Itmaan – Al-Yaadoodaa Road: 6 terrorists were killed and 10 arrested.


Al-Yaadoodaa – Khirbat Al-Shahm Road: Fighting with no details.


Al-Yaadoodaa: “Camptown Racetrack Five Miles Long, Oh Yadoodaa Day!”.  No details.


South Karak and Busra Al-Shaam Road: SAA ambushed a terrorist convoy.  No details.


Fighting also reported here: ‘Itmaan, Al-Yaadoodaa/Silos Road, Al-Teera, Inkhil, Busraa Al-Shaam west quarters, ‘Itmaan/Tafass Road, Al-Yaadoodaa/Al-Maddaaheen Road. 


Al-Hajja:  An attempt to occupy this town failed miserably.  3 pickups with 23mm cannons were either destroyed or damaged.  16 reported dead. No names of the mostly foreign group allied with Zahraan ’Alloosh.   


Al-Kassaara on Zimreen/Simleen Road:  A large number of rats killed here, but, no details.


East Al-Karak/Al-Musayfira Road: 2 packs of rats killed off with no names.




Umm Baatina Road west of Jibba Town: 11 terrorists killed.  All non-Syrian.


Fighting intense here:  Rasm Al-Hawr,  Al-Bayda West, Bi`r Al-‘Ajam, Ufaaniya, Al-Qahtaaniyya, Burayqa Dam/Koodna Dam Road (a vehicle with weapons and ammo destroyed).  



Western Extremists sends this fascinating look into the minds of P.M. MacMillan and Ike.  Shades of things to come:


The Thylacine sends these perceptive articles for our readership. Very important:



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