Syrian soldiers (file photo).


SyrPer can confirm a major push forward by SAA in this area to the north of Al-Maleeha in the orchards all the way to the entrance of Zibdeen just before Jisreen Junction.  This is both Nusra and JI territory that has seen a complete breakdown in terrorist fortifications forcing them to scatter both eastward toward other villages still under their control and to the south, to Jordan,  where the SAA is awaiting them.  Yesterday, the SAA seized 4 mortars and accompanying rockets.  Monzer received word that 24 terrorists were counted dead and that only 5 of them were Syrian.



One of the world’s most reliable reporters, Hussayn Murtadhaa, of Alalam, has confirmed the Syrian Army’s complete control over 2 illegal entry-points on the Lebanese border opposite ‘Arsaal.  At Faaleeta, the 2 smuggling routes in Al-Hamraa and Al-Musayiyib have been enveloped by SAA and now are completely unusable by the terrorists in Lebanon. In the process of crushing the rat defenses here, the SAA killed 36 terrorists, all belonging to Nusra, and wounded so many that the scene of spiriting them out of the area into the Lebanon or to rag-tag field clinics resembled a route of wolves scattering into the hillsides to avoid the sniping of helicopter-borne hunters.  The SAA also confiscated 8 pickup trucks with completely functional 23mm cannons.  They will be given to the NDF for killing Saudis.




تقدم كبير في بساتين المليحة والقضاء على عشرات الإرهابيين في جوبر


Zaakiya/Khaan Al-Shaykh Road:  Skirmishing with no details.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  At the Al-Basheer Mosque, 4 Nusra terrorists downed.  All were Jordanian/Palestinian.


Magharr Al-Meer: Fighting with no details.


Daarayyaa:  At the Great Mosque, 7 rodents killed and their weapons and ammunition seized:

  • Saamer Abu-‘Ayta
  • Muhammad Qaddoom
  • Ghaazi Dihna

The others were not identified.


‘Irbeen:  Weapons and ammunition for the NDF and 5 carcasses were the story here:

  • Jihaad Al-Rahhaal (Nusra leader and avowed child molester)


Al-‘Ibb Farms in Doumaa:  SAA killed these as the noose tightens around Zahraan ‘Alloosh:

  • Bilaal Mash’oot
  • ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Burkhus


Jawbar:  At the School Complex.  Fighting and no details.

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