مقتل عدد من إرهابيي ما يسمى


Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms: An attack on a military outpost was repelled killing 2 terrorists. Both foreign. Another attack on another outpost also was defeated.  No details.


Al-‘Ibb Farms in Doumaa: A large cache of weapons was being guarded by these carcasses in a former nest:

  • Ma’roof Al-Maardeeni
  • Rajaa`iy Mansoor
  • Muhammad Al-Jamal


Al-‘Aaliya Farms in Doumaa:  A van filled with terrorists was set ablaze by alert NDF.  Estimated 9 dead terrorists.


Manshiyyat Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms: Fighting with no details.


Saqbaa:  SAA cleaned up here last night as terrorists tried to regroup:

  • Hassan Qastooni
  • Mahmoud Mudallal
  • Mahmoud Al-Aghawaan
  • ‘Abdul-Samad Baradaa


North Al-Maleeha rural area toward Kafr Batna: Clean-up going very well.


Mayda’ah:  A warehouse was destroyed and all its contents in flames.  Continuing clean up.  2 rats were killed trying to hide in a culvert:

  • Tayseer Tu’ma
  • Muhammad ‘Abdul-‘Azeez




Al-Nishaabiyya deep in the Ghoutaa:  SAA smothered a pack of terrorists:

  • Hamza Al-Hashshaash
  • Muhammad Al-Tall
  • `Aassef Jum’ah
  • Miqdaad Abu-Khattaar
  • Yusuf Al-Khyraytli

Another 6 were not identified.


Fighting reported in these areas: Al-Husayniyya, Magharr Al-Meer, Waadi Al-Meera, Waadi ‘Ayn .


Mishqitta in the foothills of Qaarra on the Lebanese border:  A stash of weapons and ammunition recovered without incident.


Al-Zabadaani Plain:  11 terrorists confirmed killed by SAAF.  No names.


‘Adraa Workers Residencies at the Workers’ Clinic: Jabhat Al-Islam lost 7 terrorists with 6 surrendering.  It’s coming soon.



Norat sends this Al-Mayadin interview in Arabic (with English subtitles) to be used by those making a case against Obama for crass hypocrisy and war crimes:


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