Jadyaa Village:  An attempted encroachment into the area of a checkpoint manned by SAA resulted in the destruction of 2 pickups with 2 23mm machine gun cannons and 7 confirmed dead rodents.  I have no names.


Inkhil:  A vehicle with 5 terrorists aboard was subjected to intense anti-armor fire killing all of them.

  • Badr Al-Kharaabsha
  • Yunus ‘Abdul-Jabbaar Al-Hindaawi
  • The others were not named.


Qayta Village:  Skirmishing. No names.


Umm Walad/Al-Musayfira Road:  2 terrorists arrested for vagrancy.


Zimreen area:  Fighting with no details.


‘Itmaan at the Al-Manaasher area:  2 vans loaded with rats were stopped and a firefight ensued.  All rodents belonging to Nusra were sent to Hell.  I have no names.


Simleen/Inkhil Road:  6 hyenas killed and 2 taken prisoner.  No details.


Tal Al-Mutawwaq (The Surrounded Hill)/Jaassem Junction:  Many killed and wounded in a firefight. No details.


Fighting reported at: Tal Al-Samn, Zimreen, Qayta Junction, Umm Al-Mayaadhen, Al-Manaasher north of ‘Itmaan, Al-Jeeza, Al-Musayfira, Habeeb.  


Ma’raba Village west of Al-Hujuri Mosque:  A pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed.  No names.



Fighting in Nahla and Qumaynaas.  Not much action over the last few days. Most rats have abandoned ship and gone back to their villages.



Very little action yesterday and today.  Seems like they’re all just hanging up their spurs.


West Qarabaat:  A pack of foreigners on 3 pickups with 23mm cannons were molecularized by SAA as they arrogantly drove by an SAA checkpoint.  SAA opened fire and called in a nearby Hind helicopter gunship which made Spam out of the whole group.  There were 11 dead rodents and 6 taken prisoner:

Abu ‘Ammaar Al-Tunisi (TUNISIAN MONKEY VOMIT. Id pending)

No other dung beetles were identified.




Not much action here either yesterday.


Ayn Hussayn: An attempted move to Al-Ghaasibiyya met with the usual failure. Most Islamists (not Muslims!) are really dumb.  3 killed.


Al-‘Aamiriyya:  Another botched effort to move toward Al-Mushrifa.  No details.


Hawsh Hajju:  Another (yawn) attack on Al-Sa’an Al-Aswad was foiled.  No details.


Bi`r Jadhal Oil Field and Waadi Al-Abyadh Dam:  East Homs near the fabled and non-existent Shaa’er Gas Field 16 running rodents were killed during a hunt for, well, running rodents:

  • Bashshaar Qalqala
  • Muhammad Raashid
  • Jihaad Al-Buhassan
  • Khaldoon Fishaawi

The rest were all Iraqis without papers.


Al-Qaryatayn Dam:  Fighting with no details.


More fighting here:  Unq Al-Hawaa, Umm Sharshooh, Dayr Fool, Al-‘Anz Farms in Talbeesa  

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