Whenever we read posts from rat-supporting trolls about “advances” by terrorists in Der’ah, we start giggling like little girls at a pajama party.  The evidence is that the Big Surprise is working superbly both on the Der’ah Front and the Golan. The Zionist effort to please its Saudi monkey-monarchy has been a dismal failure for reasons I will discuss in an upcoming analysis of Zionist failure.  Here’s today’s news from Der’ah:


Der’ah City:  SAA clearing whole quarters of mostly foreign pests originating in American-run camps in Jordan.


Al-‘Umari Mosque:  This place will be forever associated with the start of Syria’s misery.  A van with 4 rats inside was given up for trash when alert security forces opened fire on it and killed all inside.

“Abu Anas Al-Tunisi” (Id pending. TUNISIAN GNAT VOMIT)

The other 3 were not identified. The Tunisian insect was identified by locals and described as “mentally unbalanced”.


Post Office Building:  Police in hot pursuit of a stolen vehicle found the SAA ready to block the car’s passage, a Romanian make.  When the terrorists inside tried to take cover, they found they were surrounded.  All 4 died.  Inside the car’s trunk were boxes of shells for light weapons which will be delivered to NDF and ANG for use in killing Saudis.


Atmospheric Observation Center:  3 vehicles carrying terrorists, light weapons and communication equipment were attacked by security forces backed by NDF.  6 terrorists died and 7 were taken prisoner in various states of ill health.

Al-Khazzaan Road:  Another 2 vehicles, these two being pickups with 23mm cannons aboard.  I have no details.


Izra’:  An Aramaic word similar to Arabic’s which means to “plant”.  (Note: Many place names in both Syria and Iraq are based on 2nd person imperatives in Aramaic or 3rd person imperfect tense, e.g. Yahmur, Ibtah, Yaazoor, Inkhil….even Yathrib in Arabia) This town is where Ziad’s paternal ancestry began centuries ago.  It was only 2 centuries ago that some members of his family fled to Mount Lebanon.   Yesterday, the rats tried to cut the Damascus/Der’ah Highway by placing a cordon around the city.  That was very dumb.  According to Monzer in Damascus, the area was rife with SAA and NDF.  That project lasted less than an hour when SAAF strafed positions and put almost all 35 terrorists to death:

  • Suhayl Khibya
  • ‘Abdul-Jaleel Al-Wari’

No other names were sent.  Almost all were foreigners.



Tal Al-Thurayyaa:  An attempted infiltration from Inkhil/Al-Faqee’ came a cropper.  As always, it seems, the rats just rotted until a merciful Good Samaritan came along and turned them into useful fertilizer.


Al-Kassaara at Zimreen/Simleen Junction:  SAA skirmished with confused vermin.  No details.


Busra Al-Shaam:  Why would nihilists pick out this beautiful scene of one of the world’s most majestic Roman structures to bring their “kufr”?  Well, all ISIS, Nusra and the rest are “kaafirs” or infidels.  YESTERDAY, THE SAA KILLED 18 RODENTS BELONGING TO NUSRA with the wounded at 23 as they tried to infiltrate into the west side of the town.  The SAA pursued the vermin to their nest and killed most there.  The numbers have been modified as of today. Total dead: 21 and 20 wounded.

Tafass:  A large number of terrorists killed here with no details.


Al-Nua’yma:  At the Pedestrian Bridge, the SAA killed 6 JI terrorists:

  • Adham Rizqullaah

The rest were not named.


Al-Nu’ayma:  East of the “Center”, the SAA killed 2 terrorists and took another prisoner.





عمليات نوعية توقع عشرات الإرهابيين في زبدين والنشابية ودوما وجرود القلمون

Fighting here: South Al-Muzayreeb, Al-Tayyiba, Ibtah, ‘Itmaan/Tafass/Yaadoodaa Junction, Qatleesh Farms, North Tal- Khudhr in Daa’el (SAA destroyed a pickup with 23mm cannon), Simleen at the Western water reservoir, Inkhil and East Al-Yaadoodaa Mosque.

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