الجيش السوري يسيطر على الحدث وحوار

DER’AH:  There can be no question that the ISIS campaign in Iraq has stolen much thunder from the killers in Syria.  Notwithstanding the infighting, their numbers are decreasing due to improved SAA/SAAF tactics, equipment and technology, and the Amnesty Program which has sucked the life out of the unbalanced sociopaths who populate the so-called “opposition”.  Add to that the criminal corruption in the exiled opposition movement led by a notorious pimp, drug dealer and embezzler, Ahmad Jarbaa, and you have a recipe for abject failure.

Der’ah City:

Al-Hamza Mosque in Karak Quarter:  2 vehicles, one of which was a flatbed with a 23mm cannon, were destroyed by NDF armed with Kornet anti-tank rockets.  7 confirmed Nusra rats killed.


An attempted infiltration from the Kataakeet Building into Al-Masri Roundabout was a failure.  No details.


Art Institute:  Another van carrying itinerant terrorists was destroyed and 4 killed with 2 taken prisoner.


Al-‘Abbaasiyya Bakery:  2 vultures killed and 7 taken prisoner. This one with thanks to the population which alerted security to the presence of the criminals.  So much for Der’ah’s supposed anti-government posture.


The “Center” to the north:  Police and NDF destroyed a Mitsubishi pickup which was transporting explosives and gasoline.  The driver was identified as a member of Nusra.


Al-Khaleel Mosque:  No details about a skirmish here.


Al-Yaadoodaa to ‘Itmaan Road:  SAA killed 10 terrorists belonging to Jaysh Al-Islaam:

  • Muhammad Sharafeddeen
  • Muhammad ‘Ali Jammaaliyya
  • Fu`aad Shanab

The rest were not identified and are believed to be foreign.


Al-Kassaara on the Zimreen-Simleen Road:  Confirmed 3 dead terrorists and 7 wounded.  No names.


Sahm Al-Jawlaan:  FSA robbers, highwaymen and common criminals were killed trying to hold a position near the Golan.  No details available about the number dead or wounded.


‘Itmaan in the eastern neighborhood:  Fighting with terrorists escaping to other areas to the north. No details.


Magharr Al-Meer Village:  SAA intercepted a convoy of terrorists originating in “friendly” Jordan.  SAAF was called in and the convoy was strafed.  I have no details.




Heavy fighting reported in these areas:

Al-‘Ajraf, Al-Qahtaaniyya, Al-Simdaaniyya, Al-Qantara Dam, Jibaataa Al-Khashab, Ufaaniyaa (a van with terrorists destroyed completely).



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