Al-Layramoon (var: Billayramoon):  Reported advance in the suburb with the SAA continuing to target precise locations of rodent terrorists.  According to Wael, the SAA has advanced 2 city blocks after the cannibals abandoned positions when their ammunition ran out.   Layramoon is crucial to the encirclement of Aleppo City.  The Saudi-supported vermin are committed to holding out no matter what the cost.


Al-Hajj Bridge:  Fighting with no details.


Intense fighting here: Kubaara, Dayr Haafer, Tal Maraah, Shaamer, A’zaaz at the Turk border, Al-Tanaaneer Square, Qastal Haraami, Hawr Town, Huraytaan, Maa’rat Al-Arteeq, Baabees, Al-Mansoora, Kafr Halab, Naseebayn, Al-Sahhaara, Qabbaaseen, Al-Haadher, Al-Indhaaraat, Baab Al-Hadeed, Haarat Al-Shahhaadeen (Beggars’ Neighborhood), Al-Shaykh Lutfi, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Tal Khuttaab, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, Al-Zurba, Bawwaabiyya, Baabinish, Al-Baab, Hayyaan, Al-Haydariyya, Al-Muslimiyya, Tal Hataabaat, Salaahuddeen, Al-Sha’aar, Al-Jazmaati, Al-Saakhoor, Al-Hilwaaniyya, Hanaanu.


Al-Raamoosa: Totally under SAA control, rats tried to re-invade the area and were repulsed.  4 carcasses were collected. Only 1 was identified:

Subhi Al-Hakeem


Rasm Al-‘Abbood:  A launcher with rockets and a pickup with 23mm cannon were all destroyed.  No names.


Anadaan:  1 vehicle destroyed while carrying rats.  All killed.  Wael reports they were all non-Syrians.


Handaraat:  A pack of North African apes were sent scurrying to their cages in Hell as the SAA atomized their pickup with 23mm cannon.




Jawbar:  East of the Central Corniche and east of Al-Manaasher Roudabout, the SAA seized a significant amount of weapons and ammunition along with an heavy machine gun.  These rodents were collected like used paper bags:

  • Shakeeb Al-Fahhaam
  • Muhammad Saraaqibi
  • ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Khayti
  • Saaleh Mustafaa Al-‘Ijil
  • ‘Ali ‘Abdul-Ghaffaar

Another 3 could not be identified.


تواصل العمليات في جبال القلمون.. ومقتل عدد من الإرهابيين في جوبر والنشابية

‘Aaliya Farms:  The hunt for Zahraan ‘Alloosh is getting more traction as the SAA killed 5 of his vermin yesterday. No names.  ‘Alloosh is as good as dead.


Al-Maleeha Farms to the southeast and at the northern fringes of Tamico Pharmaceuticals, a 23mm machine gun was seized from an emplacement and these filthy plague-carrying rodents sent to a bloody Hell:

  • Khaleel Al-Barghash (A mosquito he was)
  • Mufeed Al-Ghunaymi
  • Jaad Tutunji

Another 2 could not be identified.


Al-Nishaabiyya Farms:  The SAA killed 7 mostly foreign cannibals:

  • Khayruddeen Al-Saafi


Al-Shifooniyya:  Weapons and ammunition seized and these dispatched to Mephisto’s locker room:

  • Marwaan Shaykh-Al-Qaseer
  • Muhammad ‘Abbood
  • Wisaam Khashram


Al-Zabadaani: SAA killed this rat:

  • Abdul-Jaleel Khaytu


Tahtooh Farms:  Fighting with no details.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  At Nestle St., fighting with no details

Al-Mushrifa Village and Ra`s Al-Ma’arra:  Fighting and clean-up.






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