You must be wondering what I thought when all the prostitute media like Al-Bawaba, Daily Star, Al-Jazeera started to quote SOHR, whose only employee is Rami Abdul-Rahman, SyrPer’s perennial “Tony Blair Liar of the Year” nominee.  It appears his pimps at MI6 planned a new propaganda blitz which started with much wishful thinking and resulted in a media fiasco of the first magnitude.  Sadly, our esteemed colleagues at NSNBC fell for the ruse and published an article repeating the fantasy operation relying on SOHR and “other sources”.  They don’t tell you what the other sources are because they would have to mention Al-Bawaba, Daily Star and Al-Jazeera who, themselves, quoted SOHR.

I just finished reading a memo from Monzer in Damascus.  There is no Al-Sha’aar Gas Field in Homs, based on his information, and no guards were killed protecting the mythical facility and no 340+ SAA troops and NDF were taken prisoner by the rat Obama hordes of ignorant apes.  The whole story, once again, fits the pattern of British folderol siphoned off to the BBC (which is run by Zionists) by MI6 (which is run by Zionists, too), and thus becomes the flash-in-the pan du jour.  Even a reader of SyrPer, clearly a rat supporter ashamed to have a name, sent a quick question to me about the event in order to ruffle my feathers.  Well,  no feathers even shifted since I suspected the furtive presence of the wanted felon Rami Abdul-Rahmaan (real name: Usaamaa Sulaymaan) behind the whole canard.

So far, the event hasn’t even made the news in Syria because it didn’t happen.  It’s hard to report a negative.  But, we suspect that SANA will issue a rebuke to the British hooey-hawkers very soon.


South Al-Qastal:  A large number of rodents were sent to the rubbish bin and much of their weapons seized here after the SAA rudely disrupted their sleep in their nest.  No names.


Umm Sharshooh:  A bulldozer and a pickup with a 23mm cannon were destroyed along with a stolen taxi cab loaded with 6 rodents heading for Umm Sharshooh.  No names.


Abu Al-Sanaasil:  Fighting with no details.


Al-Ballaan Village:  A pack of terrorists east of Al-Rastan were brought down by NDF.  No details.


Jabbooreen and Umm Sharshooh:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed and all 3 passengers killed.  No details.


Al-Rastan at Shalhoom Square: 4 terrorists killed:

  • Shaaher Ma’roof
  • ‘Ali Mir’iy
  • ‘Abdul-Salaam ‘Atwa
  • Sa’ad Nuwwayra


Abu Al-‘Alaayaa Village:  An attempted infiltration from Al-Sultaaniyya and West Salaam was blocked. The SAA killed 15 terrorists, destroyed a bulldozer and a motorcycle.  No details.


East Umm Sharshooh School:  SAA destroyed a truck with weapons.


Ruhoom Village and ‘Unq Al-Hawaa:   Skirmishing with no details.


Al-Sultaaniyya and East Al-Habra: Skirmishing with no details.




Dr. Assad’s inaugural speech sent by our friend, Seamus:


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