HOMS:  I had the pleasure of meeting a former client yesterday, who just returned to the U.S. after visiting his native Homs.  He left Syria from Beirut airport after spending a few days in Lebanon with friends and relatives who were themselves preparing to return to Homs City.   He told me that already, thousands of Homsis have gone back both from the camps in Lebanon and Jordan and that the situation there was remarkably calm and improved.  There are efforts under way to rehabilitate Baabaa ‘Amr and other areas devastated by the presence of the American-backed criminal terrorists who infested that area, among others.  It was truly enlivening news which I hope our readers will also savor.



AL-ZAHRAA QUARTER:  We have confirmed that the SAA and SAAF have struck a lethal blow at the Obama terrorist rodents who tried to occupy the Orphanage adjacent to the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Complex killing over 50 of them.  The attack took place about 8 hours ago and was detected even before it started with a large explosion caused by a truck driven by a suicide driver.  Early reports indicate a member of the NDF fired a Kornet missile at the moving truck and detonated its payload vaporizing the rodent behind the wheel.

After that, SAAF was called in to strafe terrorist positions.  When it became clear to the rats that their operation was a disaster, as usual, they started to flee while SAA snipers and sharpshooters tracked their every move.  The rodents in this operation were all based in Turkey with Chechen or Daghestani citizenship.  As the cockroaches withdrew in defeat, they fired their entire arsenal of short-range rockets at civilian areas of Al-Zahra and Al-Shahbaa`.


Al-Layramoon:  The SAA’s crack 4th Mechanized Armored Division is making major headway against desperate terrorists who have been ordered to hold on at all costs.  While there is no chance of smuggling in weapons or reinforcements, the Turk degenerates who are overseeing this part of the war seem to be overly comfortable with the prospect of losing hundreds of murdering, plague-carrying rats.  Yesterday, there were 6 separate attacks on military checkpoints in Al-Layramoon. All were repulsed.

بينهم ألبان وسعوديون.. مقتل عدد من إرهابيي



تدمير وكر للإرهابيين في مزارع الشيفونية وإحباط محاولة تسلل إلى بيت تيما بريف دمشق



العثور على أحد متزعمي

The rat in the picture is none other than Maaher Al-Rahhaal, the Operational Field Commander of the Liwaa` Al-Mujaahideen, a branch of the non-existent FSA.  He was killed, according to our sources, because of a drug deal that went bad in the town of Abu Nusayr north of the Jordanian capital.

Already, the FSA and NACOSROF are blaming the Syrian government for the killing, although, it’s pretty obvious that this rat’s association with Ahmad Jarbaa caused his death.

General Security agents of the Jordanian government are playing down the illicit drug transaction and attributing the entire episode to “purely criminal activities”.



For all women out there who feel some sympathy for Erdoghan and his gang of rapists:


You know what we think of the Daily Star. But, it can be great comic relief.  Get this one with your airline sickness bag:


Who told you so?


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Rat Soup for Satan
Level 1 - Novice
Rat Soup for Satan

It’s good to hear about the 4th Mechanized Armored Division getting stuck into slaughtering rat scum.

Level 7 - Tribunus Angusticlavius
Firstly thanks for your articles Ziad, as for that turkish bastard leader he needs a bullet to the head. Secondly the daily star is a trash paper, i sometimes visit them to give sht as anyone can see when they click on the link, i am the first post, people should join me in rubbishing these so called Lebanese nationals who know nothing and think like neanderthals, they claim to be patriotic Lebs, but the fact leads me to believe that they are terrorist supporters as some i have forced them to reveal their true nature.. And thirdly like it… Read more »
Level 8 - Legatus Legionis
Thanks for the really encouraging news from Homs, once I have suggested you to gather as many info form cities that were liberated to spread the news how well ordinary people were getting their lives back on track, I meant at that time Al Qusayr and Yabroud. It gives major relief to anyone to know life is back to normal, of course normal meaning rebuilding and getting things organized etc…but also power, water and basic needs, the more Syrians know their old peaceful life can be restored the more ordinary civilians will rebel aganist the terrorists in occupied cities, it… Read more »
the Thylacine
Level 7 - Tribunus Angusticlavius
the Thylacine

It’s especially good to hear of the Syrian people returning to the cities to rebuild and repair. This is the final victory over the forces of nihilism: to make good what they tried to destroy.
Bravo the heroic Syrian Arab Army and their leader Dr Bashar al-Assad.
regards to Ziad and the team.

Hate to Admit
Level 3 - Praetorian
Hate to Admit

Good news hope whole Aleppo well follow soon