Tal Al-Hish: An attack on a military outpost here was met with hardened resolve by the SAA and NDF. Monzer writes that 6 rats were killed, only 1 identified with Syrian papers, the rest being foreigners. Of note, one of the dead savages was clearly from Somalia, Ethiopia or Djibouti because of his complexion and his pockets were filled with Qaat, a narcotic favored by the shiftless, hopleless peoples of the Horn of Africa:


‘Itmaan/Tafass/Al-Yaadoodaa Road: A firefight with no details.


Umm Al-Mayaadhen: An attack aiming to destroy the SyriaTel Tower did not get off to a good start due to malfunctioning vehicles in the hands of inept buffoon-like hyenas. The SAA trapped the vermin in a low ground position and killed all 11 of them. No names.


Fighting all over these areas: Tafass, Tal Shihaab, Al-Muzayreeb, ‘Itmaan north of the Green Mosque, Taseel/Nawaa Road, East of Al-Jaamoos, Al-Kassaara on the Simleen/Zimreen Road, ‘Itmaan west of the Black Mosque, Taseel, ‘Adwaan, Northeast of Simleen, Al-Masri Roundabout in the city, Al-Karak at the Center Building, Der’ah Post Office, Suwaydaan Quarter, Sayda Al-Jawlaan.


Khirbat Al-Shahm: A convoy loaded with terrorists and weapons was demolished by the SAAF in a morning assault characterized by remarkable precision. Once the convoy came to a grinding halt, Shilkas were deployed to finish the job. Reports are that 14 Syrian terrorists were killed and 25 foreigners accompanied them to Hell. A real mess. No salvageable ammunition or weapons because of the destruction. BIG SURPRISE OPERATION.


Al-Yaadoodaa Road: Another laugh-inducing attack by squalid bands of skunks at Tal –Al-Za’tar was struck down and its perpetrators all killed:


Nawaa: Another putrid, American-planned attack on a checkpoint at Tal-Al-Hissn was smashed thanks to the BIG SURPRISE. Sorry, Uncle Sam. You’ve gotta do better next time.


Al-Hiraak: Another exasperatingly misconceived assault on a prepared military outpost was rocked back into oblivion by alert SAA who were given an early heads-up about the presence of plague-carrying vermin:

  • Muhammad Abu-Khattaar
  • Nijmeddeen Al-Mahaasina
  • Faarooq Ahaameed
  • Jaaber Sahraawi

No other names were sent.


Kaheel: A van with weapons and ammunition destroyed.


Der’ah City: Southeast of the Old Customs Building at the Juice Factory, a large number of snakes was rubbed out of the existential inventory. No details.


HOMS: We are all waiting for negotiations to surrender Daar Al-Kabeera and Talbeesa. In the meanwhile, the SAA is preparing for a siege of the areas:


‘Arshoona Road: A large number of terrorists both killed and taken prisoner.


Ruhoom/Mas’ada Road: A pack of terrorists destroyed.


Al-Ghajar/Al-Rastan Road: Skirmishing with no details.


Tal-Abu Al-Sanaasil: 2 vans with terrorists and weapons stopped and seized. All passengers surrendered.


Waadi Al-Ghimya south of Hasyaa`: A warehouse with weapons and ammunition taken under control by security forces.


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