In a move totally supported by SyrPer, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki has sacked the Kurd mole, spy and traitor, Hoshyar Zebari, whose antics have included failing to attend cabinet meetings, misrepresenting Iraq’s formal position on Syria’s battle with terrorists and funneling intelligence to the CIA and to the Barazaani, Zionist-supported junta in so-called “Kurdistan”.  By replacing him with the principled intellectual and physicist, Hussayn Shahrastaani, Al-Maliki will now have an administration committed to building Iraq’s energy and military resources.  However, we warn Mr. Al-Maliki that taking on too many responsibilities can enervate an official and make him ineffective.  (He needs to look at himself, especially, with all the portfolios he personally controls). He must search for a permanent foreign minister so as to allow Dr. Shahrastaani to concentrate on the Ministry of Energy.






Doumaa:  Confirmed 18 dead terrorists from both the Army of Islam and the Jabhat Al-Islam in a firefight.


Jisreen:  A warehouse with some ammunition was destroyed yesterday by SAA and these 5 rats were confirmed killed:

  • Faayez Sayyaad
  • Sadreddeen Al-Ahwal
  • Muhammad Mukarram
  • Sa’eed Halbooni
  • Zayn Filaati


Jisreen just north of Al-Maleeha: The SAA killed these rabid skunks:

  • Mustafaa Al-Shaater
  • Sayyaah Dirbal
  • Mu’een Al-Deeraani


Al-Maleeha/Jisreen Junction and at the Tamico Pharmaceutical Complex:  The SAA has completely surrounded the last cannibals and is tightening the noose quickly.  According to Monzer, the decision to surrender is all that’s left for the criminals – it’s that or guaranteed death.  Otherwise, the SAA is now combing through every building to find huddled rodents and to seize abandoned equipment.  SyrPer predicts the cowards will surrender soon enough.


Al-Qaaboon:  OFFICIALLY LIBERATED.  Terrorists have surrendered all positions to the SAA as of 2 days ago. Leith also confirmed this through is sources inside Damascus.  All junctions, checkpoints and sniper positions are now rat-free.  Watch Jawbar’s fall very soon.


‘Irbeen:  A nest of savages was destroyed last night by SAA.  I have no details.


Doumaa: At Al-‘Ibb Farms where Zahraan ‘Alloosh is keeping a low profile:

  • Muhammad Tu’ma
  • Ibraaheem Qaaqeesh (a/k/a “Abu Hudhayfa Al-Ansaari”, yawn)


Misraaba:  Confirmed 13 vultures killed and 19 wounded and taken prisoner in a classic surround-snuff operation:

  • Ahmad Quwwatli (What a shame this insect bears the name of one of Syria’s greatest patriots)
  • Ahmad Al-Hanoon
  • Rabee’ Maghribi

The rest were not named and Monzer indicates they were foreigners.


Al-Ash’ari:  SAA surrounded a pack of rodents and exterminated them:

  • Bashshaar Hayrab
  • Ahmad Daawood
  • Ghassaan Sutayhi
  • Usaamaa Al-Hanafi

Another 2 could not be identified.


Syrian troops crush infiltration bids by insurgents

‘Adraa Workers’ Expansion Area:  Undetailed reports of 10 terrorists killed and many wounded.  A pickup with 23mm cannon also destroyed.


Daarayyaa:  At the Al-Rahmaan Mosque, skirmishing.  Monzer reports several terrorists killed, all Libyans.


Al-Zabadaani:  Fighting with remnant foreign rodents in the West Neighborhood.  No details.


Fighting reported here: Ra`s Al-Ma’arra Foothills, ‘Assaal Al-Ward, Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms, Magharr Al-Meer, Al-Tayyiba, ‘Ayn Al-Baydha (near Al-Kiswa), Qaarra, Al-Mushrifa.

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