Syrian Perspective has learned that the leader of ISIS was struck down in eastern Anbaar Province in Iraq yesterday after a Sukhoi hit the bulls’ eye and sent him away in a medical condition close to death.  Al-Baghdaadi is reportedly in a coma and is being treated haphazardly on the Syrian side of the border-crossing at Al-Qaa`em.   It has been confirmed that the SAAF is flying “priority” reconnaissance over this area to insure that this murdering sociopath does not reach Turkey where he expects to receive more advanced medical treatment from Erdoghan’s savages.  We can also assure our readers that Jabhat Al-Nusra and its affiliates in Ratdom are also going to be active in blocking any medical treatment.  We wish him a speedy death and flight into the arms of the Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub. 


Furqaan video provides this shot of the reclusive and disappearing “invisible shaykh”, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi

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