Syrian army soldiers and their vehicles (SANA photo).

(Photo: SANA)



Al-Zuwayk:  The SAA and NDF shattered any hopes these infidels might have of advancing any further than a mere kilometer into northern Latakia Province when they delivered fire and eternal damnation to their slithering hordes of dung beetles.  Yesterday, the roaches were ambushed on a road that did not permit escape.  43 carcasses were counted and 12 were taken prisoner.  It was a rout:

  • Haani Al-Shaykh
  • “Abu Mus’ab Al-Urduni” (Yawn. Another flabby Mus’ab bites the dust. JORDANTEEZIAN COCKROACH)
  • Mundher Al-‘Attaar (No relation to our VP, Dr. Najaaj Al-‘Attaar)
  • Muhammad Al-Muraadi
  • Adham Al-‘Ish
  • Maaher Shaddood
  • Faysal Dakhlallah
  • ‘Issaam Al-Ra’waan
  • Marwaan Hassan
  • Ridhaa Hilbaawi
  • “Abu Jaaber Al-Laadhiqaani” (Id pending)

The rest of them were identified as Turks, Daghestaanis, Turkmans, Afghanis and other forms of vermin)


Al-Nawba Moutain:  Fierce fighting saw Turk officers withdrawn quickly lest they fall into the clutches of our MI people with attendant warbling and inevitable humiliation.  They were seen in uniform rushing into a Humvee-type vehicle.  But, they abandoned their favorite rats upon whom the SAA pounced with the Sword of Righteousness and slew each and every one.  As you might guess, the rodents had no papers on them and appeared to be mostly Chechens.  There were 14 carcasses.


Jabal Zaahi:  More suicide operations typical of failed degenerates and noisome nihilists.  SAA killed 27 and took an undisclosed number prisoner.  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed.  I have no names.


Al-Furunluq Sanctuary (var: Al-Furulluq):  SAA killed 4 rats and wounded another 4 in a firefight. Of the 4 killed, 2 were from North Africa.


Kitf Al-Rummaan:  Skirmish. Indicative of decreasing numbers of rodents now mostly crawling their way eastward to die in Idlib.


Kafr Dilba and Tartiyaah:  All near the border with Turk-Occupied Syria (Hatay, Iskenderoun).  No details about fighting.




Kafr Zaytaa:  SAA delivered oblivion to these crouching vermin:

  • Ibraaheem Al-Khaleel (Interesting name because in Arabic, Abraham’s epithet is Al-Khaleel, the bosom friend of Allah. It is also the Arabic name for the Aramaic town of Hebron)
  • Baassem Daagher
  • Maajed Al-A’raj
  • Mustafaa Al-Hayaati
  • Karam Raslaan
  • ‘Abdul-Kareem ‘Atiyya
  • Mahmoud Al-Bayk
  • Mustafaa ‘Arafaat
  • Ghaazi Shilliq

Another 4 could not be identified.


Zoor Abu Zayd:  Fighting with no details.


Hama/Mahardaa Road:  Rats tried attacking a network of checkpoints here and managed to lose 2 armored vehicles supplied by the treacherous Cameron Brits.  Wael received a report that 9 rats were killed although he has no details.


Fighting in Tayyibat Al-Imaam and Khattaab.  No details.

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