I want all of you to suspend disbelief, as though you were watching a 1950s SciFi movie or something by John Waters.  Think of how a single rat in England by the name of Raami Abdul-Rahmaan, the alleged dynamo who powers the much-quoted SYRIAN OBSERVATORY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (SOHR), manages to espouse pure drivel without a single iota of factual foundation.  Think about him on the cell phone with his “sources” on the ground in Syria.  Think, also, about his own background as a Michel Kilo adherent – liberal and communist.  Imagine him in Coventry, where he lives with a putative wife and putative daughter, as he makes his way to London, on occasion, to meet and get photographed with former British F.M. and active professional louse, William Hague.  He admits to being funded by a certain unnamed European country.  But, he has been seen in Qatar on several occasions with a curiously heavy attache case.

Now, I want you to know this: he has no sources inside Syria because nobody would dare to violate domestic Syrian law by contacting a foreign national and giving that individual intelligence about events inside the country especially because all telephonic conversations are eavesdropped.  He reports often about government losses although we know that SAA fatalities and injuries are kept under a lid for security purposes, and doctors are at risk if they violate regulations concerning secrecy laws.  Yet, he pretends to have an insight into the very clinics and hospitals where SAA soldiers are treated.  He discloses events that take place in areas so remote only scarabs or scorpions would have practical vantage points; and, then, about groups like ISIS who would view him as a blaspheming secularist. Does ISIS speak to Abdul-Rahmaan?  He even reports events before they happen, and when they don’t, his handlers are quick to lay the blame on something else.

It is no secret that the traitors in the Syrian “opposition” are deeply invested in the unnervingly obdurate British plan to turn Syria into a “failed state”.  SyrPer is the only source on this subject which has disclosed Britain’s, especially Cameron’s, hysterical obsession with ousting Dr. Assad – to the point where Syria’s descent into madness and anarchy is a minor sub-plot.  Notwithstanding Cameron’s failure to garner support for his insane project in the House of Commons and his evident failure to realize his goals in the real world, he persists in running a parallel and very hush-hush operation in Turkey through the MI6 villains he commands and his allies in the CIA’s “independent contractor” shadow agency.  He also has significant support from the Erdoghani Turk MIT, run by the sociopathic Hakan Fidan.  All of this is hidden in the mist of public expressions of fear about ISIS and how ISIS must be fought.  The sincerity reminds of Tony Blair.

SOHR receives its information from British MI6 which manipulates the news it sends in order to give the impression that the Syrian government is unable to control territories it has lost and territories it is about to lose.  SOHR is tasked with disseminating this intelligence to certain Zionist-controlled media like the BBC (which is no longer independent), Murdoch tabloids (pure Zionism), and other major mainstream news sources like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NYT (solidly Jewish owned), WP (solidly neo-con controlled), Time and Newsweek – all for the USA;  and then, in Germany, with the renowned Der Spiegel  “Lugenhaftigkeitfabrik”, in France with the LeMonde mensonge-bordel, the once serious CBC in Canada, and so many others of lesser stature run by the Arabian STD aficionados like the Daily Star, Al-Bawaba, Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya all the way to the closely-held rubbish recycling affairs with titles like Syrian-this, Syrian-that, Free Syria….trolls who live off the welfare of charitable societies, and the list goes on and on – with nary a one having access to anything other than SOHR – quoting nothing other than SOHR.

To kite a lie, just as you would a bad check, you need a sucker…a foil for your little caper.  And if the foil is in on the high jinks, all the better.  And so, news sources, presumably in the mainstream, slough off all pretensions to objectivity and high principles, as they feather and fondle their favorite Zionist’s codpiece to the tune of screaming Syrian children.  And so,  and all the more so,  they publish and republish folderol unworthy of their status, but hide behind the MI6-created and operated SOHR as though it were the “patsy” to be blamed if and when they are exposed as bedizened spinsters out to find their phantom children.

Cameron knows his time is up.  The recent reshuffle in his banal regime only means he has let go of his public face as a magnet for popular approbation.  The ugliness of his machinations are being reserved for the spookier world of discrete mass murder played out in his mind’s theater of blood, in a magical, imaginary world where his enemies disappear by dint of wishing; where events take place because he so wills it; and where the machinery of lying is oiled by the dripping fat of roasting carcasses hung from Hell’s hooks – the carcasses of those who failed him…Robert Ford, William Hague, Bandar, Vladimir Putin, George Galloway, Erdoghan……………….

The lies have now reached a crescendo.  It is the moment in the symphony when you can hear the orchestra rolling toward the titanic coda in the fourth movement defining the essence of a defeated Nazi Germany – as in Shostakovich’s Fifth, or maybe, a  Wagnerian overture…or even a Requiem by Verdi.  You see, ISIS is a British creation…not an American one.  Saudis might be controlling it to insure it does not spread too far south, but it’s the Brits who are micromanaging it.  The nihilism is pure Cameron and it must have its last breath in an orgy of violence so intense it might yet convince Dr. Assad to move to Moscow in order to save Cameron’s historical bacon….his historical hide.

You must think of SOHR as Cameron’s alter-ego.  It exists in order to create the lies that fuel his fantasies – to take revenge on those members of Parliament who humiliated him by denying him leave to invade Syria.  It is his passport to a new world of papier mache monsters and shadows on his bedroom ceiling – gas fields that don’t exist, but are, instead, magical mountains in the middle of the desert where parasites can barely survive; or maybe suicide bombings in trucks at the entrances to prisons that implode miles before they arrive….or fronts in President Assad’s backyard that bog down like common flies in a jar of mucilage.  His is a world where messages aren’t sent by carrier pigeon.  They are delivered by vultures.  ZAF












The Syrian opposition is so desperate for news, they are rehashing old lies already rebutted and rendered infantile.  Laugh your heads off at this one which is even skewed to have happened the day before yesterday:

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