مصادرة سيارات محملة برشاشات متوسطة ومضاد للطائرات في ريف حماة

HAMA:  MAJOR OPERATION AT ABU DAALLI VILLAGE, shows how committed the citizens of Syria are to stopping the flow of Obama’s psycho-killers into their country.  The SAA and NDF, with the complete assistance of civilians from this village and other surrounding towns, savaged a convoy of NATO-Obama rodents as it tried to make its way surreptitiously past SAA spotters.  Not very smart.  The convoy, at first attempted to approach the village, but found that the citizens atop the homes and sheds wearing those strange costumes sported by SAA snipers.  They tried to turn around to regroup into a circle but failed due to a maelstrom of lead.  A pickup truck with a 23mm cannon was destroyed completely.  A medium sized cannon, 4 RPGs and crates of automatic rifles with ammunition in another flatbed were destroyed.  An anti-aircraft cannon atop a pickup truck loaded with 9 terrorists clinging to its side was rendered unsalvageable – the carcasses only useful as manure.



‘Atshaana (The thirsty one) to the west:  An all-foreigner group belonging to Al-Nusra was obliterated by SAAF and SAA infantry.  It was a warehouse that attracted the attention of the SAA what with that 57mm cannon and another 23mm Doschka nestled inside so snugly:

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-‘Uthmaan (EGYPTIAN worm-eating hypocrite and child molester)

Abu Misbaah Al-Leebi (LIBYAN ape catamite)

“Abu ‘Uthmaan (EGYPTIAN asp vomit)


The other 18 were not identified.


Waadi Al-‘Anz:  West of Kafr Zaytaa in northern Hama rural, a nest with 2 flatbeds and 2 23mm cannons about to be installed were delayed by the unannounced visitation of the SAA.  No details available.




Khaan Al-Jawz near the Turk border: 23 TERRORISTS KILL EACH OTHER FIGHTING OVER A BOX OF DATES AND SOME CAPTAGON!  Yessiree Bob! Now they are going to Paradise by killing one another.  The rats were from the Liwaa` Dhi`aab Al-Ghaab (it rhymes, yawn. Wolves of the Ghaab Valley Brigade) and some other unnamed gang of social lepers.  Of the carcasses, these were identifed:

Ghazwaan Latoof

Burhaan Al-Noori

Maazen Hassoon

Faarooq Abu-‘Abduh

Usaamaa Al-Hajji

“Abu-Firaas Al-Laadhiqaani”


Ayn Saamoor near Salmaa:  16 Nusra criminals killed here in a pitched battle. No names.


Abu Reesh Orchards near Salmaa:  Weapons and ammunition found in a shed.  A battle was fought with NDF and Nusra freaks.  No details available today.


Qastal Al-Shaykh Noori:  2 pickups with 23mm cannons were seized near Al-Rubay’ah with all 7 cannibals killed:

‘Aakef Qa’ood

Saafi Manju

The rest were all foreigners with no valid papers.


Al-Durra:  1 flatbed with a 23mm cannon destroyed.  No details.


Al-Hulwa:  1 flatbed with 23mm cannon either destroyed or seized.  No other details.




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