كاميرا العالم تصور تقدم الجيش السوري بحمص وريفها



Al-Shifooniyya:  Weapons and ammunition were confiscated after killing these vermin:

  • Yaaseen Darbil
  • ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Saydhaawi

Another 5 were not identified.


Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms:  Both here and at the nearby Khaan Al-Shaykh archeological site, the SAA killed 17 Nusra cockroaches.  All weapons were seized and delivered to NDF for use in killing Wahhabists.


Bayt Taymaa Town:  An attempted infiltration into this well-protected town was repulsed and the perpetrator followed to their killing zone.  3 rats killed, 8 surrendered.


‘Adraa Town:  No details about an SAA operation last night.


Al-Maleeha:  Clean-up resulted in a seizure of more weapons destined for use against Saudis.


Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:  An operation netted 6 terrorists:

  • Zuhayr Qaashaat
  • Basheer Abu-Hilla
  • Mahmoud Al-Shahhaal
  • Khaaled Al-Sarmeeni
  • ‘Adnaan ‘Ali-Mustafaa
  • Muhammad Khudhayri


Al-Jibba:  A nest of rats near the Lebanese border drawn by the French oppressor was annihilated:

  • ‘Ali ‘Arsaali
  • Jameel Al-‘Abed


Al-Zabadaani at the Al-‘Aara neighborhood.  Skirmishing.



Al-Khurayja Village: We were wrong the day before yesterday.  The group called “Maghaaweer Baabaa ‘Amr” was not extinct, at least, until yesterday when elements of their last remaining brood went up in smoke trying to rig an IED in a van designed to murder innocent civilians:

  • ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Muhammad
  • Qusayy Al-Hilif





Al-Yarz Village:  SAA killed these in an ambush:

  • “Abu Bahr” (Id pending)


East Al-Zubayda:  A platoon of SAA attacked a moving convoy of rodents and killed 4.  I have no further details.


Ufaanaa:  Fighting with no details.


Ayn Al-Darb:  Ditto.


Koodna Village and Koodna Dam:  Ditto.


Al-Qahtaaniyya Road:  Ditto.


Umm Baatina:  An attempted infiltration into the village of Al-Jibba in the Qalamoon was a flop. No details.



IDLIB:  Not much to report today:


Ma’ar Baleet, Ma’ar Tab’iy, Kafr-Roomaa, Tilimnaas.  Fighting with no details.


DER’AH:  Heavy fighting in all these areas as SAA clears out towns and residential areas:

Simleen, Inkhil, Al-Yaadoodaa, Tal Al-Jumoo’, Taseel/Nawaa Road, ‘Itmaan, Tafass, Tal Al-Za’tar, Waadi Al-Yarmouk, Al-Bi’yaat, Al-Tibba in Al-Lijaat, Zimreen/Simleen Road, Al-Bajaabija Quarter, Old Customs Building, 4-Corners Checkpoint, Dam Road, South of Al-‘Abbaasiyya Bakery.



الجيش السوري يقضي على إرهابيين ويفشل محاولة تسللهم إلى عدد من النقاط العسكرية




الجيش السوري يُفشل هجوماً إرهابياً استهدف مبنى المخابرات الجوية في حلب

West Tal Sutayh and Abu Qasaayib:  SAA active in this area near Qaamishli.  A reported 6 terrorists killed with the help of citizens.




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