الجيش السوري يتقدم باتجاه القلمون بعد مقتل قائد بـ"الجيش الحر"


We at SyrPer are proud to inform all readers that the Palestinians are now reaching Tel Aviv and Haifa because of missiles (M-75) manufactured and delivered to them by Syria.  Although Hamas and its traitor political representative, Khaaled Mish’al, showed their true colors when the Hamas office in Damascus was abandoned by them in an act of support for the NATO/Saudi-supported terrorist savages of which Hamas is a tried-and-true member, Syria continued to support the Palestinians Liberation Movement because of deep-seated sympathy for the brotherly people of occupied Palestine.  The Palestinians have a Big Surprise of their own this time around, and it is because of Syria.


ALEPPO:  It’s happening now as I write.  A huge military force made up of 2 mechanized armored divisions backed by over 5,000 NDF troops is waiting for the order for the final push to make OPERATION CANOPUS STAR complete.  The terrorists are being monitored begging for help before whole groups begin surrendering to the SAA.  They are almost out of ammunition.  The SAA is positioned to the east and west of the remaining rat positions in Bani Zayd and Al-Raashideen.  SyrPer predicts over 3,000 rodents will be killed by the time this operation ends in victory.

The attack will be three-pronged, with forces enveloping the Shuqayyif area from the east while another comes in over the west and devastates the remnant rodents in Al-Layramoon.  Another prong will jut up from Al-Ashrafiyya and complete the envelopment.  Once these areas are secure, the attack will begin on ‘Anadaan.  SyrPer sticks to its timetable:  Aleppo completely rat free in 8 days.


Al-Mansoora:  An attempted encroachment to the town of Binyaameen was annihilated by NDF and armed civilians.  All 16 rodents were killed.  All were foreigners.


Daarat ‘Izza:  The SAA assaulted a Nusra position killed 5 hyenas and taking 11 rats prisoner.


Fighting very intense now in these areas: Rutyaan, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, Al-Shaykh Ahmad, Hanaanu, Al-Baab, Al-Judayda, Dayr Jamaal, Bayaanoon, Castillo, ‘Anadaan, Tal Rif’aat, Huraytaan, Maare’, A’zaaz, Al-Ataareb, Kuwayris, Al-‘Uwayja, Tal Sha’eer, Al-Maryamayn,  Al-Haadher, Al-Saakhoor.


Bani Zayd:  SAAF pounded Nusra and FSA positions in this area yesterday killing an estimated 30+ rats.  Bani Zayd is in the cross hairs of the SAA when the ground offensive to exterminate the terrorist cannibals begins.  It may be starting now.

NOTE TO READERS:  Do not believe any lies from the Western Press about Hizbollah playing any role in the encirclement of Aleppo.  While it is absolutely true that Hizbollah is present in the besieged Shi’i towns of Nibbul and Al-Zahraa north of ‘Anadaan, they are not engage in any operations in Aleppo City.  The lies emanate from the fact that the NDF has hundreds of Lebanese volunteers from South Lebanon whose accents are the same as most members of Hizbollah.  Don’t fall for the baloney.  Their kiting this lie in order (or so they think) to enrage westerners.  Makes no difference.




Mayda’ah:  Liberated.  Now, we are seeing the area cleaned up.  2 dead rats yesterday.


Al-Nishaabiyya Farms:  Horrendous losses to both Jabhat Al-Islam and Jaysh Al-Islam when SAA and NDF surrounded their 2 positions and bombed them back into the Jaahiliyya with short-range missiles and artillery.  When infantry combed the area, they found 26 carcasses. I have no further details.


Marj Al-Sultaan:  SAA killed these vultures:

  • Kifaah Kurd-‘Ali
  • Mu`ayyad Al-Barqaawi
  • Abu Qusayy ‘Abdul-‘Azeez (Id pending)
  • Rushdi Al-Talee’ah
  • Yaasser Abu ‘Aysha
  • Adeeb Abu-Muzhir

Another 4 could not be identified.


Doumaa:  This operation had nothing to do with the attempted arrest of Zahraan ‘Alloosh reported today in SyrPer:

  • Ahmad Al-Barghooth
  • ‘Abdul-Haadi Mu’ayka


Assaal Al-Ward on the Lebanese border:  SAA now merely pursuing the scurrying rodents.


Waadi ‘Ayn Turma:  A warehouse with weapons and ammunition invaded by SAA and all contents seized and delivered up to NDF and ANG for killing Wahhabist apes.


Jawbar:  At the Teachers’ and Fateena Towers.  SAA clashed with rats and killed many. Weapons and ammo seized but I have no further details.


North and East Al-Maleeha Farms:  Rats escaping while SAA in hot pursuit.  It’s over here.  The rats are finished.



Many of you will find this article about Iraq’s air force interesting. But, always remember what we told you: retired SAAF pilots are active in the air over Iraq:


See if you can tell me why this article was written by someone so stupid he wouldn’t qualify to host Mr. Rogers:


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