تدمير سيارة مزودة برشاش ثقيل بمن فيها في جبورين بريف حمص

Some of you are writing nonsensical comments about how the rats are succeeding in Der’ah.  Well, nothing could be further from the truth.


July 14-15, 2-14

Itmaan:  At the stone quarries, SAA killed 4 terrorists and seized their weapons in order to kill Saudi Wahhabist apes.  No names available.


West Al-Ghaariyya: West of Qassr Mishmush (“Apricot Castle”. Sounds like a George Harrison musical.)  SAA and NDF almost trapped an entire line of rodents killing 11 of them and taking 2 prisoners.


Tulool Al-Mutawwaq Road:  A convoy of trucks carrying weapons in from Jordan was destroyed in its entirety by SAAF followed by SAA infantry.  A real slop-show with over 37 terrorists lying dead up until today, their carcasses deteriorating in the sun.

  • ‘Abdullah Hashmoor
  • “Abu ‘Antar”  (Id pending.)
  • ‘Udayy Taahaa

The others were not identified.  It appears they were mostly foreigners.


Al-Thurayyaa:  A pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed.   No more details.


Al-Faqee’:  A pack of rats was surrounded and they wouldn’t give up.  So, the SAA killed 6 of them and took the rest wounded, most in critical condition.


South Al-Nu’ayma:  SAA killed 10 terrorists from Al-Nusra and took an undisclosed number prisoner.


Simleen/Zimreen Junction:  Fighting with no details.


Between Al-Yadoodaa and Khuraab Al-Shahm:  Confirmed 14 dead terrorists, mostly foreigners:


West Al-Yarmouk suburb:  Skirmishing with no details.


South Al-Kataakeet Building in the city:  Ditto.




Al-Yaadoodaa: All foreign rats killed in this firefight:

  • Arkaan Al-‘Ubaydaat (JORDANIAN GRUB EATER)


West Yarmouk School:  An attempted infiltration from Jordan St. to Al-Haaj Rajaa Al-Jawaabira resulted in the death of 9 rodents, one of whom was identified as:

  • Ihsaan Al-Haaj-Yusuf


Al-Naaziheen Camp:  Another 8 hyenas went to Hell here:

  • Manaaf ‘Abdul-Naasser Al-Masri
  • Muhammad Zayd Abu-Naasseef
  • Waheed Kamaal Rajab

The rest were not named.




Burooma Farms in Al-Rooj Plain:  A real setback for the Turk-handled rat army as SAAF and SAA steamrolled over these vermin:

  • Abu ‘Uluw (Id pending)
  • Anas Al-Sooss
  • Mustafaa Al-Khateeb
  • Qaassem Sarmeeni
  • Muhammad ‘Aaref Al-Mutlaq
  • Mahmoud Hassanaat
  • Faysal Ta’muri
  • ‘Umar Fakhr Al-Maari’iy

Another 12 could not be identified.


Fighting reported here:  Hafsarjaa, Al-Shaykh Yusuf, Aneen Village (whole nest of rats), Kafr Najd.   



After reading SyrPer, none of this should surprise you:


John Esq. sends this elegant analysis about ISIS and its origins:


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