AL-RAQQA:  SAAF Sukhoi 25 bombers, Syria’s most effective anti-insurgency aircraft, shellacked a concentration of ISIS murdering vandals in Al-Raqqa in what has become a daily routine of softening up their positions before the long-awaited ground assault that will free the population of that tormented city.  We have no names of the dead villains, but according to sources close to the scene, most were Iraqis.


IDLIB:  50 former terrorists have given up and have settled their files pursuant to the Amnesty Law in effect.  Most were resolved in less than an hour with all returning to normal lives free of harassment or constraints.  All signed covenants to abjure terrorism.



Kafr Shalaayaa:  SAA active here in a town about to be deloused completely.


Al-Tayyiba Village:  A pickup truck with a 23mm cannon was stopped cold in its tracks as a warehouse filled with explosives was detonated by crack SAA infantry.  All 17 terrorists were killed, some of their carcasses dismembered by the blast.  Here are the only ones identified:

  • Maaher Urfali
  • Khattaar Muhammad
  • Suhayb Milandi
  • Muhsin ‘Abdul-Kareem


Al-Haamidiyya:  An attack on a military outpost was squelched by alert infantrymen and sharpshooters. No details.


More fighting here: SyriaTel Towers, Majdalyaa, Tal-Deeneet.




Huwayjat SakrAn undisclosed number of terrorists counted killed here when SAA attacked a pack of murdering rodents.




Fighting here:  Al-Khaleel Mosque, Al-Hamza Mosque, Al-‘Abbaas Mosque, Al-Karak Quarter, Suwaydaan Neighborhood.


Jaassem/Nimr Road: A convoy originating in peaceful and neutral Jordan was decimated by SAAF near the Water Tower. No details.


Tal Al-Za’tar:  A pack of murdering hyenas were digging a trench as part of some fortification when the SAA was alerted to the activity by locals in West Al-Madaajin.  The trench was being dug parallel to the Al-Yaadoodaa/Khirbat Al-Shahm Road.  I have no details.


Al-Yaadoodaa Residential Area:  Fighting with no details.


Der’ah/Al-Yaadoodaa Road: Ditto.


‘Itmaan/Tafass/Al-Yadoodaa Axis:  Ditto.


‘Itmaan:  An attempted infiltration into Al-Ghizlaaniyya Farms failed. No details.


Inkhil:  A group of buzzards were caught red-handed planting IEDs on a road used mostly by civilians.  The entire group of 7 was killed trying to escape the scene.


Al-Muzayreeb and South Jibba Town:  Fighting with no details.




Al-Hijja:   A pack of terrorists attacked a unit of the SAA.  A van loaded with murdering rats was destroyed.  No details.


Al-Zubayda:  A terrorist attack on an army checkpoint was repelled.


Rasm Hulba:  Ditto.


City:  An attempted infiltration into the Al-‘Alam Roundabout failed.  9 rodents killed.



Eastern rural areas with fighting:

‘Unq Al-Hawaa, Ruhoom, East Salaam, Al-Sultaaniyya.


Hannoora in the Palmyra rural area:

  • Ahmad Hamshu (A possible relative of the Syrian/American middleweight boxer, Mustafaa Hamshu)

He belonged to the illustrious and extinct “Maghaaweer Baabaa ‘Amr” (yawn).


Fighting also reported here: Umm Sharshooh, Talbeesa, South Al-‘Abboodiyya in Al-Qusayr and Al-Rastan at the Al-Mustafaa Mosque.

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